6 Easy Tips to Maximize the Performance of Your Car’s AC

June 8, 2023Zayn0

Summer! the time of year for warm weather, watermelons, road excursions, road trips to the beach, and of course, hot, sweaty vehicle rides. But don’t worry; we have some advice on how to stylishly fight the heat this summer by using your car’s air conditioning.

To feel cool, cozy, and self-assured on those long journeys, it’s crucial to know how to manage your car’s air conditioning effectively, regardless of how long you’ve been driving or how recently you started.

In this blog post, we’ll give some of our best advice on how to utilize your car’s air conditioning effectively, how to keep it in good working order, and what to do if it stops cooling.

So, fasten your seatbelts, don your sleeves, and let’s begin!

How Can I Increase the Cooling in My Car?

Confused about how to increase the cooling in your car? It’s simple as pie! Just follow a few simple instructions to make good and effective use of the air conditioning in your car. The cooling capacity of your car’s air conditioning depends on a number of variables.

All of these factors, from where you park your car to how well the parts have been maintained, have an impact on how well your car’s air conditioner cools.

Without getting too technical, let’s first take a look at some everyday routines that can help you get the most out of the air conditioning in your automobile.

Maintain A Very Low Temperature

Make sure the dial or knob is completely to the left when turning on the car air conditioning. If you don’t, your car’s fuel usage will rise and the AC won’t be able to cool you down as much.

With cars having digital climate controls, this is not the case. These automobiles have automated temperature control for the most effective cooling possible.

Weekly Defrost Runs on Your Air Conditioner

Every week, you should run your air conditioner in defrost mode for 10 minutes at the coldest temperature and with the highest fan speed. This keeps your compressor functioning properly, maintains gas pressure, removes moisture, and wards off mildew.

A good example of this is using your air conditioner in the winter to help reduce humidity and effectively defog the windshield.

Place In a Shaded Parking Space

Park your automobile in the shade to stay out of the sun. Your AC will cool more effectively and quickly as a result. Additionally, parking out of the way of the sun will guard against heat damage to other automotive components like the tires, paint, and plastic parts.

Use a windscreen made of aluminum foil if you can’t find any shade.

Refresh Or Replace the Air Filter

Airflow is impeded by dirty cabin air filters. Regularly inspect your filter and clean or replace it.

Don’t fully Close the Windows

If you can’t locate a place to sit in the shade, you can keep the windows slightly ajar to let some fresh air in.

The greenhouse effect, which would otherwise cause your car to heat up, will be lessened as a result. As an alternative, you can get and use sunshades to keep the sun from penetrating your car.

Open The Car’s Vents

If none of the aforementioned options worked for you, then this one will undoubtedly. Before you start driving, you should adequately ventilate the interior of your automobile after it has been sitting in the sun for a while.

Before you start driving again, the hot air that has accumulated while you were away needs to be expelled. If you skip this step, it will be difficult for you to settle in to the cabin.

Never Pre-Cool Your Vehicle

When you’re driving, the air conditioning in your automobile runs as well as possible. Never pre-cool your vehicle. When it’s really warm outside, start the car with the fan on high and only open the backseat windows for 10 to 20 seconds to let the heat go.

Wrap Up

Keeping your automobile cool and comfy becomes one of the most crucial jobs on your to-do list as the days grow longer and the temperature rises.

A properly working air conditioning system may make a world of difference whether you’re traveling by car or simply taking the commute to work. You’ll be cool, self-assured, and comfortable when driving this summer if you take our advice on how to use your car’s air conditioning correctly.


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