Attractions and Activities in Lahore Safari Park

May 6, 2024Zayn0

With the upgrading and renovation of Lahore Safari Park, it now includes 11 additional exotic species, including pandas, hippos, rhinoceroses, black jaguars, and pumas, with an astounding Rs2.6 billion expenditure.

The Lahore Safari Park have implemented an electronic ticketing system to demonstrate their upgrade to an international standard.

With an emphasis on the comfort and well-being of the occupants, the animal cages were carefully created to mimic their natural settings.

In an exciting twist, the project also showcased brand-new features inside the Safari Park, including an African safari, a desert safari, and a salt range, all with the goal of improving visitor satisfaction and securing the zoo’s place as a top wildlife destination.

Amazing New Attractions in Lahore Safari Park

Among the animals kept here are Indian peafowl, Bengal tigers, common pheasants, emus, lions, silent swans, nilgai, ostriches, and silver pheasants. The Lahore Safari is home to Pakistan’s largest walk-through aviary.

Facilities for fishing and boating have been built next to a lake. With four islands, the lake is the largest in the city. An additional 80 acres (32 hectares) of safari tracks are located in the regions designated for Bengal tigers and lions.

Up to 142 different species of aquatic animals can be found in the aquarium of the Lahore Safari Park, and the animals are housed in cages that comply with international standards.

As mentioned above, the Safari Park will feature an African section, a dessert area, and a salt range. Furthermore, Night Safari will be accessible. At Safari Park, the public is also welcome to use the specially constructed huts.

Must Visit Areas at Safari Park

Adjacent to the entrance is a small net enclosure where children and adults alike can enjoy the free ranging, gorgeous peacocks, ducks, and other wild birds. Some of the birds are spreading their feathers while others are soaring and having fun.

It’s interesting that guests are permitted to enter the hut and take in up close views of the breathtaking scenery. The space has been thoughtfully planned to meet the needs of these untamed beauty. The park’s true adventure zone, home to the lions and tigers, is located just across the birds’ zone.

This region, which is surrounded by a sturdy iron gate, is home to flora that evoke the atmosphere of a typical African forest, and the king of the jungle resides there.

White tigers and lions call it home. These magnificent beasts can be seen roaming and roaring around with an air of terror and force. Visitors can take a tour of the woodland while seated in their cars and keeping the windows securely closed.

It’s really adventurous, but a little terrifying! But it also seems really exhilarating and risky at the same time. A few meters beyond is a deer zone, a kid-friendly play area with swings, and a very new, peaceful little pond to stop by. Facilities for fishing and boating have also been built close by.

Lastly, the variety of animals at the Lahore Safari Park draws a lot of visitors. Animal lovers would appreciate this place. So, when are you planning your next trip to Lahore Safari?


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