Best BBQ in Lahore: The Smoky Goodness!

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One facet of Lahore’s illustrious culinary tradition that really shines out is its delectable BBQ scene. Lahore has a wide selection of barbecue restaurants that may satisfy the tastes of both locals and visitors, serving everything from tender grilled meats to smokey kebabs.

In this local guide, we set out on a mouthwatering tour of Lahore’s top BBQ spots, where generations of cooks have mastered the art of grilling to produce a mouthwatering feast for BBQ fans.

Best BBQ Points In Lahore

Butt Karahi BBQ

Butt Karahi is a renowned BBQ restaurant with a devoted following that is tucked away in the energetic alleyways of Gawalmandi. This restaurant, known for its flavorful kebabs, grilled chicken, and fragrant tikka, perfectly embodies the spirit of Lahori BBQ with its genuine tastes.

Bar.B.Q Tonight

Bar.B.Q Tonight, a brand that is synonymous with high-quality BBQ, is a favorite among Lahoris. This BBQ spot is the perfect option for a family feast or a laid-back BBQ night out thanks to its broad menu, which offers a wide variety of marinated meats, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Khalifa BBQ & Restaurant

The lively Ichhra neighborhood’s Khalifa BBQ & Restaurant provides a delicious array of BBQ treats. Every meal offered here, from succulent grilled lamb chops to smoky seekh kebabs, is a pleasure for fans of barbecue.


A haven for people seeking genuine Pashtun-style BBQ is Qabail. Qabail, which is well-known for its delectable lamb skewers and flavorful rice dishes, offers a rustic yet welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for indulging in the cuisine of the North-Western frontier.

The Village

The Village restaurant accurately captures the simple charm of a community feast. This BBQ restaurant provides a combination of classic and modern cuisine, making for a distinctive dining experience. Their hearty quantities and smoky flavors draw people back for more.

Spice Bazaar Restaurant & Grill

A hidden treasure in Lahore’s BBQ scene, Spice Bazaar is renowned for its flavorful and soft grilled treats. Each meal is a blast of flavors that stays on the mouth, whether it’s the delicious tandoori chicken or the house specialty BBQ plate.


Although they have developed other branches in Lahore lately, Lakshmi chowk is still the oldest and most authentic location for Tabaq, a very old BBQ restaurant. They provide exceptional barbecue dishes, such as karahi mutton. Butter mutton and seekh kabab. They had preserved high-quality food over the years.

Tabaq offers a beautiful combination of classic flavors and modern innovations, and it is well known for its succulent kebabs, juicy tikkas, and mouthwatering grilled meats. For fans of BBQ, it is a must-visit location due to its lively atmosphere and excellent fare.

Nadeem Tikka

Nadeem Tikka is well-known in Lahore’s BBQ scene for its mouthwatering selection of grilled specialties. Every bite at Nadeem Tikka is an explosion of smokey delight, from the succulent seekh kebabs to the flavorful chicken tikka. It has a loyal fanbase because to its history and steady quality.

Punjab Tikka House

BBQ lovers wanting genuine Punjabi flavors should check out Punjab Tikka House. This kid-friendly restaurant offers a varied barbecue cuisine that includes mouthwatering lamb chops, delicious boti kebabs, and mouthwatering malai tikka. The delicious food and friendly service at Punjab Tikka House leave customers wanting more.

Bundu Khan

In Pakistan, the name Bundu Khan has come to be associated with top-notch BBQ. This legendary restaurant, which has been around for years, is known for its savory BBQ meals including chicken tikka and malai boti.

What’s So Special About BBQ?

Due to its distinctive fusion of smokey tastes and soft grilled meats, barbecue occupies a particular place in every Lahori’s heart. Lahore’s culinary tradition has been infused with the art of BBQ for many generations, making it a vital component of the city’s gastronomic scene. BBQ oozes celebration and excitement, whether it’s the delectable aroma that fills the air or the social gathering with family and friends.

Kebabs, tikkas, and other BBQ treats are enjoyed by Lahoris from street vendors to fine dining establishments, making it a beloved ritual that unifies people over their love of this exquisite meal.

Wrap Up

Every BBQ enthusiast’s taste buds are pampered by the smoky goodness and flavorful meats that make up Lahore’s BBQ tradition. The top BBQ spots in Lahore are prime examples of the city’s culinary prowess, serving a blend of traditional and modern meals to suit a variety of palates.

These BBQ spots guarantee a memorable and scrumptious experience, whether you’re a resident discovering your city’s culinary gems or a guest wanting to savor genuine Pakistani flavors. In order to fully experience Lahore’s rich BBQ heritage, make sure to relish the smoky delights when you visit the city again.




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