Digitization of Punjab Police Department: A Way to Transparency

June 6, 2023Zayn0

The practice and culture of better crime handling and record keeping are well known among Pakistani citizens.

Thanks to the launch of a new digital system, Punjab’s police stations will be up-to-date at a cost of Rs990 million.

Punjab Information and Technology Board created the project’s software to computerize records, handle citizen complaints, and guarantee that all of Punjab’s police stations are operational. At the central police office, a centralized control center has been set up to keep an eye on the situation.

FIRs and roznamcha reports are currently being computerized at all of the province’s police stations.

Any station in the province with an internet connection can access police case files pertaining to FIRs. The following services will be part of the computerization of all police stations.

What Has Digitized in Punjab Police Department?

Together, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the Punjab Police have digitized all 712 of the province’s police stations, resulting in much better policing and public experiences with police services.


All of a police station’s records will be preserved in digital form through the Police Record Management System, an online program. The documents comprise FIRs and the full case file, including the beginning, the accuser’s nomination, the case files, the court case, and the case conclusion.

AVLS, or Anti Vehicle Lifting System

This web application maintains a database of stolen and abducted vehicles across the entire Province. Theft reporting, investigation, recovery, forensic lab testing, and returning automobiles to owners in accordance with court procedures are all included in this process.

The Excise & Taxation Department, the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA), and this application are all interconnected. Additionally, a comprehensive reporting dashboard and centralized monitoring system with SMS alerts are provided.

Tenant Registration

Tenant Registration is a web application for tracking and registering renters for rental properties. The system keeps track of the CNIC numbers, names, and other details about owners and tenants.

Complaint Management

At police stations, the new digital system will track walk-in complaints. Recognizable crimes will be reported as FIRs, and specifics (such as category, crime, date, etc.) as well as the accuser’s personal information will be noted.

Through SMS, the system will automatically inform the complainant of the recording of the complaint, the police officer in charge of the case, and case developments.


Previously, this was only carried out at a select few locations in Pakistan, but today, complete Geo-Fencing services are available in cities like Kasur.

This is when a virtual geographic boundary is made using GPS or RFID technology, allowing software to be triggered when a mobile device enters or exits a specific area. It is a challenging task. All calls made to and from a specific area during a specific period from all cellular operators are gathered once a crime has occurred in order to identify the perpetrator.

Daily Crime Report (DCR)

This program combines the quantity and kind of crimes committed at the district and provincial levels while tracking daily crime rates per police station. The next step is to create infographics with crime statistics.

For the first time, all that the government, media, and general public need to do is go to the Punjab Police crime statistics page. Everyone has access to current and simple to grasp graphs and pie charts. This will improve both transparency and the public’s, media’s, and government’s ability to hold the police accountable.

Police Patrolling

Beat data for police stations can be uploaded to and reviewed using beat book software. The software also includes information on criminals and locality-based statistics on key patrolling locations.

Hotel Eye

This application records guest check-ins and check-outs as well as CNIC numbers and other personal information. It aids in tracking hotel and visitor activity.

SOS Alert Service

The service was created with the understanding that it can occasionally be challenging for a person in need to call the police or to give precise location information. Through this service, anyone can notify the police via an application put on their Android phone, including the management of an institution that is being attacked.

The program will send notifications to up to ten different police stations in the area as soon as someone presses the alert button on a mobile device. notifications will also be sent to the relevant district police control room, relevant field officers, and the central police office.

Final Word

Every criminal apprehended, gang dismantled, crime stopped, and terrorist plot thwarted will increase our pride and that of these heroes.


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