Everything You Need to Know About Police Khidmat Markaz

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In contrast to conventional police stations, Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) is essentially a
police service facility. In 36 districts around Punjab, the Punjab Police has built citizen
facilitation centers known as Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) (a complete list of centers, along
with contact information and locations, is available here).
As one of Punjab Police's technology partners, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)
has automated the procedures and created a centralized, integrated IT system for these
facilities to increase operational effectiveness. Following the establishment of these
Khidmat Markaz with a centralized IT system:
 Application tracking online.
 Citizens receive guaranteed turnaround times.
 Simple procedure.
 Respectful treatment of the populace.
 Citizen Monitoring & Feedback System.
 Courier delivery of issued documents.
 Revenue growth via promoting openness.
Police Khidmat Markaz Punjab: An Overview
The cornerstone of their policing goals is improved service delivery to the public. Their goal
is to make their services more convenient for everyone. Another attempt in this direction
was the establishment of Khidmat Markaz in each district.
Khidmat Markaz were proficiently offering residents in their respective districts 13 services.
But it was discovered that people had to travel to their home districts in order to renew
their driving permits and obtain character certificates, which was a major nuisance.
All Khidmat Markaz in Punjab have been consolidated in order to alleviate these issues,
broaden the scope of services, and increase geographic coverage. People can now obtain
the given services at their doorstep thanks to the adoption of the novel idea of an
Integrated Khidmat Markaz System. People can also file complaints with the Police Khidmat
Markaz against the Police Department.
As part of this Integrated System, Police Khidmat Counters are also being installed at District
Headquarters Hospitals to make it easier for citizens to obtain Medico Legal Certificates
without having to visit their local Police Stations. In addition to saving time, it will increase
system transparency. In the near future, Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals will also have access
to this facility.
Working Schedule
Their offices are shut from Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on
Services offered by Police Khidmat Markaz
 Character Certificate
A police character certificate is necessary for immigration, working abroad for certain
organizations, and international travel. Character certification used to be a difficult and
time-consuming process for both civilians and police.

PKM has streamlined and speeded up the process. Instead of physically traveling to the
district or place where the character certificate is needed, a citizen can now apply for one
online from any center in Punjab.
 General Police Verification
For job applications in various Pakistani organizations, the general police verification is
necessary. This holds true for the verification of servants, maids, and other personnel prior
to hiring them for the position. By going to a neighboring PKM, the citizen can obtain the
 Learner Driving License
Citizens can obtain a learner's permit from any PKM.
 Renewal of Driver's License
Police Khidmat Markaz is where citizens can apply for a renewed driver's license.
 Employee Registration
Every time a person hires a servant, a maid, or any other employee, he or she is required to
register them with the police so that the police are aware of the residents in the area.
Registration is now easier than ever and may be completed by going to any PKM. This will
make the public and police more aware of any criminal history the potential employee may
 Tenants Registration
When a house or a dormitory room is rented, the owner, tenant, or property dealer must
register details (owner, property, and tenant information) in the appropriate police station
for record purposes, in accordance with The Punjab Information of Temporary Residents Act
Visit the relevant Police Station or a local Police Khidmat Markaz to register. After a
successful registration, a front desk employee will provide the citizen a certificate that will
enable them to avoid any difficulties during any search operations.
 Vehicle Verification
Through police records and forensic expert reports, the PKMS Vehicle Verification Module
offers a comprehensive system for vehicle verification. A citizen must ensure that a car is
not stolen and has no records in any police station in Punjab before buying or transporting
it. Visit any PKM location to complete a vehicle verification.
 Loss Report
Documents including CNICs, driver's licenses, ATM cards, transcripts, and other property
frequently disappear due to theft or misplacing. PKM offers a way for users to report
misplaced papers. A copy of the loss report will be provided to the citizen, who can use it to
track their application status and submit additional document requests.
 Crime Report
PKM offers the ability to report a crime, which the system assigns to the appropriate police
station. When a crime is reported, the responsible police station's assigned investigating
officer will respond to the application appropriately.


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