Five Economical Tea Bars in Lahore with Great Ambiance

March 18, 2022Zayn0

Tea has always been a popular mealtime choice for people of all ages in Lahore. Many restaurants in the city have taken notice of this and even offer a choice of well-portioned platter options that they know will appeal to guests.

So, if you are looking to take your friends, colleagues or family for a fine cup of tea, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tea cafes in Lahore.

Sarrak Pe Karrak

It is located in Block K Model Town. Described as a “Dhaba with a twist” by many, Sarrak Pe Karrak has taken Lahore by storm in its short open time.

This place is here to live, with fantastic food, incredible atomosphere, and most importantly, amazingly good chai. You can play ludo while indulging in one of the city’s best chai spots.

Refresh yourself with a dose of culture and tradition! Serving, at an affordable rate, high quality chai, bun kebabs, parathas, samosas, etc.

Founded within a vacant plot at the junction of Model Town and Faisal Town, this restaurant is the perfect place for a group of friends to come out with.

As one of this dhaba-like eatery’s most frequent customers, it serves the best desi style chai. From its place, menu, to its atmosphere: Sarrak Pe Karrak offers an opportunity to experience one of the most enjoyable dining out experiences.

Anyone who tries to find the restaurant will recognize it from the massive, round garden lamps that light up the whole place.

The best part is that there are no other cafes surrounding it, no noisy music nearby to disturb the eatery’s own atmosphere and no relentless traffic to interrupt one’s conversations – bringing all the attention it deserves to this place.

Chai Junction

It is located in Block C 3, Gulberg III. Chai Junction has been able to really make a name for itself. The best thing about this place is that the rest of the menu is also pretty good.

Chai Junction is a relaxed and laid-back open-air cafe where you can have fun with your family  members and friends, and relish their chai and parathas in this cold weather, next to a bonfire.

The tea house started with only seating outdoors. Beautifully adorned with nice chairs and string lights. But they have also recently added indoor seating.

For young people Chai Junction is a casual place. A place where they can spend their time in their pocket without being unfair.

It is also a safe spot for elders. They will enjoy it without splitting their banks with their friends. Nice climate and assured quality food. Along with their signature Matka Chai an unforgettable drink.

Tandoori Tea & Bar

It is located at Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Gulberg III. Whether you want to beat the scorching Lahori heat with a refreshing drink or warm up with karrak chai and coffee on a cold winter night, Tandoori Tea & Bar is the place to go. It also has a casual ambiance with occasional live music.

Tandoori Tea & Bar offers some new concepts to Pakistani cuisine. To ensure every guest receives courteous, skilled, polite, and timely service, the team is to ensure. They provide their guest and staff with a unique interior, exterior, comfortable and well-maintained premises.

The management is committed to providing catering for families, friends, business communities, etc. Also, they have nutritious and well-prepared meals at a reasonable price, using only quality ingredients.

Chaaye Khana

Launched very recently and situated on the busy MM Alam Road, Chaaye Khana is the popular cafe of Lahore frequented by tea lovers from all over the world.

Aside from tea, there are plenty of options here including coffee, cakes, sandwiches, meals and other beverages. There’s also a dedicated meeting and event space, making it famous for many forms of gatherings.

The location is splendidly decorated and well built. Since it is the proven brand, it seems the owners are always working hard to meet the high standards of the customers.

We highly recommend checking out this place for all Lahoris. The desserts are very special and must try their Toffee Walnut Crunch along with fresh tea.

Chai Kada

Located on Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Street, on Peri Peri Restaurant’s rooftop, Chai Kada is one of Lahore’s trendiest chai dhabas. It can be downplayed to the sheer variety of chai available here, as well as building a typical trucker hotel.

Here, along with the music of your choosing, you will enjoy high-quality tea (all you have to do is give them your phone and they will play your very own music on their system).

Layout and the seating area are the best thing about this venue; a tidy and clean venue with typical Pakistani truck art all around you. There’s even a real rickshaw parked outside-the ideal spot for those selfies that are mandatory.

Here the chai is a little pricey but well worth it. You can also order hot chocolate coffee here, and enjoy views of the city on the rooftop.


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