Five Lesser-Known Clothing Brands That Are Actually Very Affordable

July 6, 2022Zayn0

Everybody prefers a little luxury. Every now and then, we all deserve a treat, and when you buy from a premium brand, you know you’re getting something a little more special. It’s all about spending a bit extra on something unique, timeless, and well-made. You can save money in the long run.

Many new designer labels are currently experimenting with streetwear-inspired apparel. Luxury apparel isn’t what it used to be, and instead of focusing on price, it’s becoming more about a way of life, a method to make an impression.

Five Reasonable Clothing Brands in Lahore

Here are best five clothing brands in Lahore that are very affordable.

1.      Charizma

Charizma produces entirely unique collections every season, and their creations are at affordable prices according to customer demand. The skirts are paired with embroidery gown on flat swiss voile lawn with inside printed tops. The singularity and design are the front motifs, the back motif, the front full shirt motifs.

The originality and finesse in working with contemporary and vintage embroidery art instantly clicked with the audiences, whether they lived in Pakistan or abroad.

There has been no looking back and the journey has helped them to explore their own potential and season after season outdoes their own selves.

That’s why “House of Charizma” has become renowned as a high-end fashion brand, recognised not only at multiple locations in Pakistan but also worldwide for its superior excellence.

Charisma fascinates the costumers with exquisite prints of scarf, grass, chiffon, woolen, cotton, khaddar and silk with a class set of neckline, border and sleeve embroidery patches. Printed digitally, they have their own charm and style.

2.      Be smart

Since 1981, Be Smart is a premium quality multi label boutique in Pakistan. The entrance of international brands into the Pakistani market has also developed a healthy competitive situation between local and international brands as a result of which local brands continually strive to deliver better products to consumers. Ideally even Pakistan will launch more internationally going brands.

Be Smart is well known for its contributions when it comes to quality, brand, principles, merit, origination and followers. The company has followed conventional and ethnic textile values, thus attaining and gaining their interest in the country’s socioeconomics.

Their imprints come from Pakistan, India, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. Be Smart has won official Gianni Versace portfolio, South Asia 2016 Best Seller Award.

3.      CherryBerry

CherryBerry is a professional manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, apparel retailer, the brand offers a variety of apparel, fashion products under one roof at the highest competitive price at the best quality.

In a friendly shopping environment CherryBerry is committed to providing premium quality, fashionable apparel and related accessories.

Along with a full range of children’s clothes, CherryBerry sells a variety of helpful things that a new baby wants–bibs, booties, mittens, socks, wraps, wash cloths and towels. The brand also offers accessories such as shoes, hats, jewelry, hair clips / bands, and sunglasses, and carries a limited selection of toys and school bags.

CherryBerry Collection:

The CherryBerry design team was influenced for their Spring / Summer series by the patterns and motifs with which each child grows up, including polka dots, circles, roses, race cars, stars and beautiful bows. The entire collection is fun, lively and has various prints and special textures to play with.

4.      Cocobee

Cocobee offers a stylish approach to the stylish apparel of children that is infused with their commitment to comfort and quality in delightful cool designs. Discover the extensive selection of children’s clothing for each season, offering long-lasting durability that can sustain the active and carefree lifestyle of your child.

That product, made with luxury quality super soft materials, provides an excellent fit so that children can have the relaxed freedom to learn and play. Search conveniently for youth, ladies, toddlers and babies by specific categories.

Cocobee is the most esteemed alternative for young people when it comes to fun and trendy children’s clothes. There is a wide array of multicolor dresses that most kids love. You can see colors in those dresses during the summer. Cocobee features beautiful clothes, light and dark colors suitable for kids.

Explore signature denim, shirts, tees, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, accessories and more that match the latest styles while never being too trendy. Children like to mix and match all their versatile colors and fun prints to create their own unique looks.

5.      Textilion

Textilion is a fashion brand that has already become Pakistan’s largest fashion brand. They started as a fabric shop with a wide variety of women’s lawns, silks and other products. There are few brands in Pakistan that deal in niche and are famous for their uniqueness and creativity. And Textilion is one of them.

It offers art-based print suits called wearable arts, casual tops and kurtis, stoles and scarfs. Textilion believes in providing its customers with the highest degree of satisfaction and helping them feel different and confident.

To make your Eid day more enjoyable, Textilion offers you embroidered Eid collection. This is a 3-piece unstitch suit that includes embroidered front lawn print, back-printed lawn and sleeves. Also, dupatta crinkle chiffon and simple plain dyed trouser for you to have fashion in handy fashion.



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