Four Best Tea Cafes in Lahore to Visit with Friends

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Lahore, Punjab’s dynamic and energetic capital, is rich in historical monuments, delectable cuisine, and top-notch recreational opportunities. Lahore is known for its sophisticated and pleasant tea cafes in addition to its coffee and fast food.

Continue reading if you’re looking for a location to get a delicious cup of tea and some tasty snacks.

1.      Sarrak Pe Karrak

It is located in Block K, Model Town. Described as a “Dhaba with a twist” by many, Sarrak Pe Karrak has taken Lahore by storm in its short open time.

This place is here to live, with fantastic food, incredible atmosphere, and most importantly, amazingly good chai. You can play ludo while indulging in one of the city’s best chai spots.

Refresh yourself with a dose of culture and tradition! Serving, at an affordable rate, high quality chai, bun kebabs, parathas, samosas, etc.

Best Desi Style Chai in Lahore

Founded within a vacant plot at the junction of Model Town and Faisal Town, this restaurant is the perfect place for a group of friends to come out with. As one of this dhaba-like eatery’s most frequent customers, it serves the best desi style chai.

From its place, menu, to its atmosphere: Sarrak Pe Karrak offers an opportunity to experience one of the most enjoyable dining out experiences.

2.      Chai Junction

It is located in Block C 3, Gulberg III. Chai Junction, another spot in Gulberg, has been able to really make a name for itself. The best thing about this place is that the rest of the menu is also pretty good.

Chai Junction is a relaxed and laid-back open-air cafe where you can have fun with your family  members and friends, and relish their chai and parathas in this cold weather, next to a bonfire.

Matka Chai and Dood Patti

The tea house started with only seating outdoors. Beautifully adorned with nice chairs and string lights. But they have also recently added indoor seating.

For young people Chai Junction is a casual place. A place where they can spend their time in their pocket without being unfair. It is also a safe spot for elders.

They will enjoy it without splitting their banks with their friends. Nice climate and assured quality food. Along with their signature Matka Chai an unforgettable drink.

3.      The Hotspot

The main branch is located at Hafeez Kardar Rd, Block E 2 Gulberg III. Otherwise, hotspot has now its new branch in DHA.

The city’s best hot beverages server is The Hotspot. Also, Hotspot is an ice-cream parlor styled by the Hard Rock Cafe. Hot Spot has a variety of ice-cream mouth-watering. It feels like theme restaurants in the European, Italian and American style.

It provides seating indoors as well as outdoors. Even though the ice cream is expensive, it is superb in quality and atmosphere. So, must visit to the Hot Spot Ice-Cream Parlor with some exclusive deals and eat the delightful tasteful ice cream.

The Dream Place of Hot Beverages

It serves Coffee as their main category of hot drinks. If you are craving a cinnamon roll with coffee, the Hotspot is the place to go.

Also, the staff is very friendly and active. However, the power port situation isn’t as far as I’ve been experiencing but Wi-Fi is good and will help you in important tasks.

It’s very quiet in their outlet, especially the one at DHA, so you won’t have to think too much about distractions from noise. The seats and tables are perfect for work, which is why if you’re with a laptop and can’t find a workplace from there, this will make it into your list.

4.      Tandoori Tea & Bar

It is located on Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Gulberg III. Whether you want to beat the scorching Lahori heat with a refreshing drink or warm up with karrak chai and coffee on a cold winter night, Tandoori Tea & Bar is the place to go. It also has a casual ambiance with occasional live music.

Tandoori Tea & Bar offers some new concepts to Pakistani cuisine. To ensure every guest receives courteous, skilled, polite, and timely service, the team is to ensure. Provide their guest and staff with a unique interior, exterior, comfortable and well-maintained premises.

The management is committed to providing catering for families, friends, business communities, etc. Also, they have nutritious and well-prepared meals at a reasonable price, using only quality ingredients.

5.      Last But Not Least, Maro Tandoors

It is located in Block M, Model Town. Renowned for the great naans, Maro Tandoor is able to make the great chai to go with uniquely made naans like Nutella, pizza etc.

This is a relatively difficult feat to achieve, considering how many restaurants this pattern is repeated. But Maro Tandoor is among the first, and could contend with the best of the rest.

An initiative started by four students from the University of Management Sciences in Lahore, MARO Tandoors is revolutionizing Pakistan’s tandoor culture one step at a time. In a friendly and vibrant environment, you get to taste the most tantalizingly delicious rotis and naans.


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