Four Must Visit Restaurants in Faisal Town Lahore

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Lahore is known around the world for its eateries and is known as the city of living hearts. Lahoris like eating on the streets, in stalls, and in hotels. They enjoy desi and chatpata cuisine because it satisfies their palates.

Although practically every restaurant in Faisal Town provides excellent food, we’re here to recommend only the best. Given that it’s spring and the nights are cool, you will need some BBQ or desi food that’s not only delicious but also inexpensive.

Here are some of our favorite locations in Faisal Town Lahore for wonderful, mouthwatering desi and continental food!


About 5 years ago, Dera Restaurant launched and has grown since then. Also, in the evening Dera Restaurant serves a larger amount of people.

The indoor dining room is usually complete even at lunch time. Sajji is Dera Restaurant’s specialty that you can attempt in both chicken and mutton.

Moreover, Dera is totally a meat lover’s vision come true. They offer chicken mughlai, mash ki daal, sheesha, desserts, gulab jaman, jalebi, gajjar ka halwa, green tea and many other.

Besides, the delightful and tasteful food in the most hygienic and appealing setting. So, must visit and appreciate the delightful food flavour with some exclusive deals and deals.

Mouth-Watering Bar B Q Variety

They are committed to providing a multiple choice of conventional quality food along with a range of BBQ vareity. A great menu designed according to Lahore people’s choice.

Dera also offers a mix of lots of freshly baked desserts like the most delicious and tasty desi firni served in toothi, as well as traditional Peshawari Kehwa.

In addition, Dera is known as one of the popular and sustainable terms for bar b que parties and bar b que meetings. Seek to make the most of their usual B.Q Restaurant.


Chicken mughlai, mash ki daal, gulab jaman, desserts, jalebi, gajjar ka halwa, green tea and many other traditional products.


Salt’n Pepper Village has established a tradition of “live buffets”. Since 1992, it is a place where you can see your meals being cooked before you.

Also, it has put up the bar in Punjabi cuisine, providing households with a cozy setting to appreciate their dishes.

Moreover, the customer service is really nice, while the employees will welcome entering and leaving you.

Finger Licking Good Bar B Q In Lahore

They offer meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, they have traditional dishes on the list, which you won’t find anywhere. They have plenty of gluten-free choices, too. The salad and barbecue is a must try. BBQ platter is rich in flavor, as well. We hold a range of food products ranging from fried rice to nihari. A lot of things are pretty sweet, including kebabs.

This restaurant offers genuine Lahori and Pakistani BBQ. It’s the kind of buffet-style spot that has a great range of local meats, mutton, chicken, fresh vegetables and starters.

They have an impressive list of BBQ platters offerings. All food products are usually prepared with a great combination of flavors and spices.

Prominent Features:

  • The food piping hot and sweet smelling
  • Also, quick service
  • Good seating arrangement
  • Ample parking space
  • Valet parking


It is one of Lahore’s most popular food centers. It is renowned as the Gourmet Restaurant. Also, here you can appreciate all traditional meals in the most traditional manner.

Thus, all with quality new hygienic & scrumptious food flavor. You will really create you a fan of Gourmet Restaurant and promote you to come back.

So, must visit Gourmet Restaurant for its scrumptious recipes with some exclusive offers and platters.


Mei kong is the place to go if you want to please your taste buds. We have created an atmosphere in which you can dine in comfort.

Serving flavorful Chinese and Thai cuisines for a lifetime, as well as Continental and Desi Tarka. Mei Kong Restaurants has interpreted ingredients and flavor combinations that follow intuitions of texture and rich taste, appreciated in a diverse environment.

Expanding to a new level, Mei Kong Restaurant now offers a full spectrum of services unlike any other. Mei Kong Restaurant’s broad menu blends powerful fresh flavors of Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Sizzling Desi Food, from family-style eating to business sector dine-in services. Served with a refreshing cocktail list and a delectable dessert menu.

Desi Cuisine

The most aromatic of all cuisines, with enticing aromas and flavors. It is well-known for its savory tandoori cuisine.


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Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun, or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.




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