Government Takes Strict Measures Against Non-PTA Phones to Mitigate Revenue Losses

December 29, 2023Zayn0

Authorities have announced a thorough crackdown against non-PTA registered and patched devices in an effort to combat the growing trend of unlicensed mobile phones entering the Pakistani market.

The action is a reaction to large revenue losses that are linked to the widespread use of fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers, which are used to avoid paying the high taxes on mobile phones.

Prior to this, the Pakistani government imposed customs tariffs on mobile phones, with a focus on expensive models.

But expensive registration fees and levies levied by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have forced users to look for other, unofficial ways to get phones for less money.

CPID/Patch Approval: What Is It?

The best way to use SIM cards on flagship phones is to gain CPID approvals, which are frequently used to obtain PTA approvals informally and at very low costs.

It is a technique that, in essence, removes the SIM lock by unlocking the handset’s original firmware without the need to root the device. Software that is linked to a remote, paid server modifies a smartphone’s IMEI number.

To put it simply, this technique substitutes an older, PTA-approved gadget’s IMEI number—a smartphone’s unique 15-digit ID—for the IMEI number of a smartphone, giving the impression that the device is being used officially. Thus, it is possible for a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to be registered under the name Nokia 3310.

Similar procedures are used for patch approvals; however, the phone is only allowed to have one software patch installed, preventing the user from updating their device.

The fact that these smuggled cellphones were able to obtain PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) approval through illegal and economical means is a worrying development. The Pakistani government has taken notice of the techniques used, which include Consumer Product Identification (CPID) IMEI repair and patch approvals.

In response to this problem, the government has located several retailers and smugglers who are using these illegal methods to modify iPhones.

How do the PTA authorize the phones that are being smuggled?

Through illicit means like CPID (consumer product identification), IMEI repair, and patch approvals, the smuggled devices are getting PTA approval.

The government will start to repress:

As a result, the Pakistani government has decided to take action against smugglers and has identified hundreds of smugglers and stores that sell smartphone patches.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the country’s telecom watchdog, will also launch an offensive against the well-known for-profit website, which provides CPID approval services globally.

Final Word

Since offers services globally to a wide range of devices, PTA will take legal action against the website through the proper procedures.

Even though this does not mean that CPID or patch approvals would completely terminate in Pakistan, it is likely that the government and PTA will step up their future crackdown to stop unauthorized approvals of smuggled devices, particularly when the offenders have been shortlisted.


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