How Dentists Can Benefit from An Online Local Business Directory

March 25, 2022Nouman Ilyas0

More than 60% of patients will go online to look for dental care at least once a week. Patients utilize online business directories (70 percent) and general internet searches (e.g., via Google) the most when looking for a new provider.

So, clients finding you wherever they’re looking for care is crucial to your dental marketing plan. Dentists can advertise themselves in a variety of ways to reach out to potential patients.

None, however, can compare to the leading online directory in Pakistan—LCCI. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth your time to establish web directories for your dental office, consider the following reasons.

How Listing on A Local Business Directory Can Boost Your Dental Appointments

Here’s why you should list your dental clinic on LCCI:

Boost your online presence

Increasing your internet presence is beneficial to your company. You may come across your business listings on many additional directories that you are unaware of while searching for your business on search engines.

This is achievable because many business websites gather information about different businesses from more well-known directories and create lists.

If your company is featured in one online directory, it is almost certain that it will be listed in many more. You may, however, need to revisit your postings on a frequent basis.

Always make necessary revisions to ensure that information about your company is correct and current.

Google will like your website more if you have local citations for dentists

When Google crawls webpages, it has a long list of items it wants to see. Some are more concerned with the content. Some of them are more technical in nature. Websites with no NAP issues of any type are on the list of things it wishes to see.

When they see NAP concerns, it’s like a blinking red light indicating that something about a website is suspect. A website’s Google ranking could easily drop as a result of such a red alert.

The goal here, as it often appears, is to please Google with your website. One approach to achieve this is to create an appropriate citation profile. As a result, working with SEO experts is an excellent option.

They have the skills and experience to execute these and other marketing duties that your office is unlikely to have time to complete.

Patients search for medical practices using business listings

As mentioned earlier, more than a third of people said they utilize information from third-party websites to create an opinion about a doctor, dentist, or other healthcare practitioners.

If you’re wondering how to make your medical practice stand out in medical listings, make sure you fill out all areas of your listing with information about your clinic.

Potential patients want to know what to expect during their appointment before choosing a physician. Adding images of your clinic and waiting area to your business directory listings might help you improve your medical marketing strategy.

LCCI also allows you to provide a biography and other details about your practice, such as the medical services you provide. This allows you to build trust with potential patients even before they make an appointment.

Assists you in being easily discovered

You may increase your chances of being discovered by ensuring that the information about your company is current and accurate on online web directories and websites.

Customers will find you whenever they seek for services similar to yours. They don’t even have to use search engines to find your company.

Most individuals do not look for business names when looking online. They go on the hunt for the services they require. Customers will be able to find your dental office when they search for “dentists near me.”

Searches for dentists near me have increased dramatically, particularly since 2016.

Near me related searches show that individuals want to locate not just the greatest dentist for their needs, but also one who is close by.

Of course, this isn’t limited to the dental industry, as more consumers are turning to Google to find all kinds of local companies near them.

Near me searches have risen in popularity to the point where the “near me” component is now being omitted, as users expect to locate dentists near me by simply typing in the term “dentists.”

So, how can you get your dental clinic found in dentists near me searches?

Local SEO, which is the method and strategy for ranking local businesses in Google local / Google Maps search results, is the straight solution to this question.

This is significant given that mobile devices now account for approximately 60% of all Google searches, with location-based queries accounting for one-third of all mobile searches.

Without diving into all of the nuances of local SEO for dentists, one of the most effective strategies for dental offices to enhance their Google Maps results is to use business directories such as LCCI.

So, what are you waiting for? List your clinic today on LCCI.

Nouman Ilyas

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Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun, or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.




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