How To Get A Driving License In Lahore: A Quick Guide

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The process of applying for and obtaining a driving license involves several steps, the first of which is obtaining a learning permit because, without it, you will not be able to obtain a complete driving permit.

In Pakistan, the law has been altered so that you can only apply for and receive a driving license from the district to which you belong or the address listed at the time of application.

Driving license is issued by many driving license offices in Punjab, so you can also submit an application through DLIMS. All new drivers are required to undergo a 42-day (nearly 6-week) training program before being granted a license.

Through DLIMS, applicants can apply for Private, LTV, and PSV licenses. Before submitting an application for a primary license, a learning permit is required.

The applicant must pass the driving test in order to obtain a private driving license. The ability of the driver to operate the vehicle safely is observed by a qualified staff member.

It won’t be difficult for you to obtain a driving license if you are a skilled driver, but it’s best to postpone getting your license until you have more experience behind the wheel.

Lahore Residents Can Now Submit an Application for A Computerized Driver’s License

Thanks to the efforts of the Lahore Traffic Police, obtaining a digital driving license is now a simple process. According to reports, the new mechanism was put in place to reduce waiting times and large lines.

The DHA Lahore center, one of three Lahore Traffic Police offices in the city—the others being at Manawan, Arfa Karim Tower, and DHA Lahore—has been updated with assistance from the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Pre-requisites for getting a driver’s license

  • A learner’s permit
  • photocopy of CNIC
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • PKR 100 bank receipt of any HBL branch


To make the process of getting a computerized license more user-friendly, the Lahore Traffic Police divided it into two phases.


  • Obtain a symbolic number.
  • Have the candidate’s license photo taken.
  • Complete an online multiple-choice and theoretical test.


Phase 2 of obtaining a computerized driving license in Lahore begins with an on-road driving test, which must be passed to qualify the candidate for a license. The candidate has 42 days to retake the exam if they fail it.

Prior to the current changes, the test was difficult; nevertheless, the candidate is reported to just need to obtain a score of 50% on the computerized test.

Expected Fee

  • Motorcycle Ticket of Rs.550
  • Motor Car Ticket of Rs.900
  • Motorcycle/ Motor Car Ticket of Rs.950
  • LTV Ticket of Rs.900
  • Motorcycle/ LTV Ticket of Rs.950
  • Tractor Agriculture Ticket of Rs.300
  • Tractor Commercial Ticket of Rs.600
  • Motorcycle Rickshaw Ticket of Rs.600
  • Motorcycle + Motorcycle Rickshaw Ticket of Rs.650

Timings of Driving License Center

After locating the closest driving license center office to your location, attempt to arrive there as early in the morning as possible, but no later than 7:30 AM. Although the office opens at 8:30 AM, it is preferable to arrive early to ensure that you will be able to get a good spot in line.

As we all know, there is nothing that can be done; therefore, it is best to choose the nearest License center. However, sometimes the police sitting there may refuse, stating that your license will be made from the center that is close to your home.

Driving License Test

After completing the necessary documentation, you must sit for a driving test in Lahore. A list of traffic laws and traffic signals must be committed to memory.

This presents several difficulties. You will be needed to drive a car on a track that has been laid out by the official after passing the fundamental board exam. They will give you a permanent driver’s license if you operate the vehicle on the specified track.

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Renewal of License

All Lahore residents who have the city’s address on their CNICs would benefit from the online renewal method. The method would also make it possible for Pakistanis living abroad to apply remotely for the renewal of their driver’s license. Along with the application cost, applicants will also be able to upload the necessary paperwork, such as medical fitness certifications and photos.

Documents Needed

  • Required Application Form E within File Cover
  • 2 Photograph Passport Size
  • A copy of NIC
  • Original Driving License
  • Medical Report
  • A Ticket of relevant License

Wrap Up

So, the procedure of obtaining a permit from the driving license department in Lahore has become relatively simple thanks to modern technologies, particularly automation. You must first obtain your learner’s permit in Lahore.

It is issued by various driving license offices in Punjab, and you can also submit an online application through DLIMS. Before obtaining a license, all new drivers must complete 42 days—almost 6 weeks—of training.

The days of standing in long queues to obtain a driver’s license in Lahore are long gone. The Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) has established a new automated approach (PITB) with the assistance of Pakistan Information Technology Board.

Using this technology, residents of Lahore can now submit a driver’s license application online. This service is available to citizens in 36 districts around Pakistan, including Sialkot, Sahiwal, Vehari, Pakpattan, and Attock.




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