How To Get ONIC Sim in Pakistan: A Step-by-Step Guide

August 2, 2023Zayn0

Here’s is your exclusive guide on how to get ONIC sim in Pakistan! We will lead you through the steps of getting an ONIC sim in this step-by-step guide so you can take full advantage of this cutting-edge telecom network.

This brief guide will give you all the details you require to use ONIC Sim in Pakistan, whether you’re a local or just a visiting.

So, let’s get stared!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Order ONIC Sim Online

To place an order online, just adhere to these simple steps:

1.      Go to the Official Website of ONIC Pakistan

Visit the user-friendly website, ONIC Sim Pakistan, to find a variety of packages that are suited to your unique requirements. Their website is made to offer a simple user experience that makes navigation simple.


2.      Look Through And Choose Your Ideal Package

Find the plan that best meets your needs by perusing the variety of options. They offer the ideal plan for you, whether you want a lot of conversation time, a lot of data, or a combination of both.

3.      Complete the Online Order Form

After making your decision, go to the Online Order Form. It is intended to be simple and time-efficient. To ensure a smooth and quick delivery, include all the required information and a precise delivery address. You need to register with the same email ID that is also registered with Google play store.

4.      Select Your Preferred Payment Method

They provide a variety of payment alternatives to suit your convenience. Choose the option that best suits you, then carry out the transaction with assurance and security.


5.      Sit Back and Enjoy

This is the nicest part; just unwind while you wait for your ONIC Sim card to arrive. You will swiftly receive your Sim card at your specified location thanks to their effective delivery process.


What Is the Price of New SIM?

With the terms provided, the plan offers the following for just PKR 123 only:

  • Testing 123 Plan Validity: 30 Days
  • 30GB Data
  • 500 Minutes (all networks)
  • 1000 SMS (all-networks)
  • Plan Price: Rs.123/-
  • Physical SIM Price: Free
  • Biometric Verification at the time of delivery: Free
  • Delivery Cities: Karachi, Lahore,
  • Delivery: Free

New SIM Packages

This network offers all varieties of call, internet, and SMS daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Additionally, the new packages of this SIM are inexpensive with the greatest incentives just for promotional purposes.

  • Only members who live in Karachi and Lahore have access to the app.
  • Only Android phones can access the app.
  • E-sim and Keep Your Number (portability of mobile numbers) are not yet available.
  • The email address used to sign up for ONIC and Google Play must be the same.
  • During beta version testing, only debit and credit card payments are accepted.

ONIC App and Beta Upgrade

A Testflight invitation to beta test the app on Apple iPhones should shortly be sent to iOS users. When compared to the parent company Ufone’s pricing of Rs. 2500/- and another network Jazz charging a hefty Rs. 5000/- for issue, with no transfer facility, this would also be the cheapest eSIM option in Pakistan once the eSIM feature is enabled in the app. Additionally, a non-PTA phone’s physical ONIC SIM was tested, and it functioned.


Can I have number of my choice?

You will be able to select a preferred number.

Will I also receive an E-sim?

They provide both. a real SIM and an eSIM. Since they even provide same-day delivery, sign up to receive yours as soon as they go online.

Can I switch to Onic Sim and preserve my current phone number?

When you move to Onic Sim, you can keep your current phone number. Simply follow the basic number porting instructions.

How long does it take to complete an online order?

Depending on where you are, processing online orders typically takes 1 to 3 business days.

What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases?

Credit/debit cards and mobile wallets are just a few of the payment methods that ONIC Pakistan permits.


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