How to Register Your Mobile for 120 Days: A Step-by-Step Guide

July 21, 2023Zayn0

A temporary registration service for mobile phones brought into Pakistan from outside Pakistan has been launched by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). According to the system, you are exempt from PTA tax for 120 days while using a mobile phone.

How does the System work?

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) collaborate under the terms of this new service to exchange immigration data using FIA IBMS which verifies the applicant’s arrival date.

The immigration personnel will enter the applicant’s data into their system and turn on their phones when they submit an application for this service.

Easy Steps to Follow

  1. You must first go to
  2. The next step is to create an account by selecting the signup option.
  3. You must first choose your objective before entering your user type in the following step.
  4. Now, input your password and personal information, and then click “Submit.”
  5. The verification link will then be delivered to you by email or SMS in a subsequent communication. Your account will be activated as soon as you click the link.
  6. Return to and input your login information. After that, a declaration form requesting your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions will display. Select “Temporary Registration for Overseas Pakistanis/Foreign Nationals” after that.
  7. Enter your CNIC, passport number, arrival date, and departure date at this time. Then, enter the mobile network operator and the quantity of SIM cards you intend to use. Click the project once again, then click “submit.” A six-digit OTP will then be produced, which you must input in the OTP bar at the bottom.
  8. Once your information has been validated, your mobile phone will be registered.

So, what will happen after 120 days?

The IMEI number(s) used under this scheme will be suspended and unable to be utilized on local network service after 120 days of residence. The same person will have to reapply for the temporary registration service if they visit Pakistan again.

When you return to Pakistan in the future, will the phone still function?

The good news is that you can still use the same phone if you decide to visit Pakistan again. At the moment, tourists are not permitted to use the same phone on their subsequent visits after using it for 60 days.

With this new approach, you can reactivate the same phone and SIM number using the immigration data whether you are a Pakistani living abroad or a foreigner who frequently travels to Pakistan.


Enforcement of Security Regulations

While the Temporary Mobile Registration System stresses visitor convenience, it also places a strong emphasis on adherence to security rules. Mobile devices are checked as part of the registration procedure to make sure they are not stolen or connected to any unlawful activities.

As a result, the system’s integrity is preserved and a secure communication environment is encouraged. A significant step has been taken to make it easier for abroad Pakistanis and international visitors with the launch of the Temporary Mobile Registration System by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority by Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif.

The approach encourages convenience and connectedness by enabling them to register and use their personal mobile phones devoid of duties and taxes.

Wrap Up

This system will benefit not just abroad Pakistanis and short-term visitors from other countries, but it will also boost Pakistan’s reputation. It makes sure that only honest people can use this feature.

This new initiative is yet another measure made to provide maximum facilitation, especially for overseas Pakistanis and visitors from other countries who are only in the country temporarily.


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