How to Take the Punjab E-Sign Driving License Exam?

January 20, 2024Zayn0

We are pleased to let you know that the Computerized Sign Test has begun in Punjab if you’re interested in getting your driving license. Many people have grievances about the outdated manual sign exam process.

However, with the E-sign test, the results are displayed to the candidate simultaneously. However, many people are not familiar with giving E-SIGN TEST. You can read the unique information with ease.

Verify The Learner Permit First

Prior to taking the driving test, you must first verify the date on your learner permit to see if you have completed the required 42 days of time. The day of your exam is also noted on your permit. Take the test. All of these things must be seen prior to visiting the traffic office.

E-Sign Test

An official outlines the entire procedure in a video that was posted on the traffic police Twitter account. He demonstrated a candidate answering 10 multiple-choice questions while taking a live online test at a Khidmat center. The exam taker needs to correctly answer at least five questions in order to pass.

Various questions about road conditions, traffic signs, and other driving instructions were asked during the test. The exam takes two minutes to complete, and the results are immediately announced.

What to Expect

  • You may take the e-sign test from the comfort of your home because it is administered online.
  • Questions will cover numerous traffic lights, road markings, and driving protocols.
  • The structure is likely multiple-choice, asking you to choose the proper answer for each question.

Preparation Tips for the Test

  • Become familiar with Pakistan’s official traffic laws and regulations.
  • Get comfortable with taking online mock exams that resemble the e-sign test format.
  • To ensure that you fully comprehend, pay great attention to traffic signs and markings when you’re out and about.
  • Throughout the exam, maintain your composure and concentration while attentively reading each question.

How can I pass Punjab’s e-sign exam to get a driver’s license?

Questions about traffic signs, regulations, and protocols are included in the theoretical exam. Learn how to respond to inquiries about traffic laws and regulations. The purpose of the driving license exam is to verify that applicants are capable of making the right choices in a range of circumstances.

To make things easier for the applicants, the theory test is also administered electronically. For the candidates, the Lahore Traffic Police have provided a video that explains how to attempt and pass the e-signs test.

Ways to Obtain a License for E-Driving?

The straightforward process for obtaining an e-license has been revealed on the Lahore City Traffic Police’s Twitter account.

To obtain an e-license, all you need to do is visit the Punjab DLIMS website, navigate to the e-license page, and input your date of birth and CNIC number. Your driver’s license will display digitally after inputting this information; you can store it on your phone and just show it to the traffic warden upon request.

The traffic warden will validate it by scanning a QR code. It would be easy to complete and eliminate the headache of carrying a physical copy around.

Police officials claim that all driver’s licenses are now electronic licenses, which people can present to these two traffic wardens to avoid tickets. This project would assist drivers who have misplaced or not received their driver’s licenses from the government by streamlining and expediting the process of verifying licenses. The traffic police made the process of obtaining a driver’s license extremely easy by implementing a number of measures.

Final Word

Your first challenge will be the e-sign test, but with the correct planning and insider information, you can quickly get your driver’s license. Recall that the ultimate goal is responsible driving, so continue your education and drive safely!









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