Incredible Hidden Features of Your iPhone That You Didn’t Know Before

August 17, 2023Zayn0

Do you consider yourself to be an expert user of your iPhone? Rethink that! While you might be an expert at messaging, taking pictures, and using the internet, your gadget likely has a ton of capabilities that you’ve never even heard of.

The iOS experts at present you with incredible iPhone features, ranging from hidden back tap features to emergency medical IDs, that are sure to surprise and amaze you. Prepare to learn some incredibly awesome tricks that you never knew existed as you advance your iPhone game!


Custom Vibration Patterns for Calls & Texts

You can create custom vibrating patterns for calls, texts, and more on the iPhone. Recent models, such as the iPhone 7 and upwards, have a personalized vibration capability that lets you set up various patterns for crucial calls and messages.

Important reminders, calendar alerts, and incoming emails can all have customized vibrations. The improvement is helpful for those who have hearing loss.

Turn On a Hidden Mouse

It can be challenging to return to a previous location when you are in the middle of an email or are typing a lengthy piece of text, unless you use the iPhone’s hidden mouse.

To turn on the Back Tap feature, make sure you have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone 8 or later. Head to “Settings”, then “Accessibility”, and select “Touch”. From there, tap on “Back Tap” and choose whether you want to set a double or triple tap. Then, select the action you want to be triggered by the tap.

It’s easy to activate the secret mouse track: Simply hold down the space bar to enable mouse-like navigation with your finger. If you’re writing a lengthy email, this small tip will save you a ton of time.

Create A Customized Back Tap for Quick Actions

Did you know that a simple double or triple touch on the rear of your iPhone can carry out a variety of tasks, like calling up the Control Center, capturing a screenshot, and even invoking actions tailored to people with disabilities?

You may easily personalize the Back Tap function to suit your preferences and enhance your iPhone experience because it was added in iOS 14 or later.

Get Medical Information

In an emergency, the Medical ID feature on the iPhone is incredible. Set up your Medical ID on your iPhone to provide emergency personnel quick access to vital medical data. Without a passcode from your lock screen, the feature shows details about your allergies, medical issues, and emergency contacts.

Stop Accidentally Hanging of Calls

Apple’s most recent iPhone software update, iOS 16, has fixed this problem for users who mistakenly push the power button to end calls.

With the new iOS 16, you can stop this by going to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, and then selecting ‘Prevent Lock to End Call.’ Finally, you can only end a call by using the “end call” button.

Shake to Remove Text

Isn’t it incredible how shaking the iPhone can remove text?

Users of the iPhone can say goodbye by laboriously hitting the backspace key to remove words. An ‘Undo Typing’ prompt is triggered by shaking your iPhone, and it’s a great feature for quick text editing while taking notes while traveling. If the functionality doesn’t function at first, make sure the “shake to undo” setting is enabled by going to Accessibility>Touch.

Final Word

Your usage experience can be optimized by the incredible features stated above, which will improve the quality and effectiveness of your daily interactions.








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