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Whenever we think or talk about entertainment, the first thing that comes to our mind is cinema. A good entertainment that relaxes our mind and body in this stressful time. Concept of cinema has changed a lot since old times when people literally stopped going to the cinemas. Cinemas have evolved a lot in terms of infrastructure, facilities, seating and many other things that complement while movie watching. Now even some movies have a 3D version that allows you to go real in the movie.

Looking at the interest of general public cinema owners also got interested in bringing the latest movies to their cinemas from all over the world. With Lahore Commercial Companies Index you can keep yourself updated about upcoming movies in the best cinemas of Lahore.


Cinepax is one of the pioneer cinemas of Pakistan, operating in more than 14 cities with more than 50 screens across Pakistan. It is operating in all the populated areas of the city. It has a special kids screen and special gold seating facility, silver seating facility, which makes your stay in the cinema more comfortable. If you are among those who left going to cinemas due to any reason, you can go again into a completely different world of entertainment.

In boulevard 57, Cue cinema is the second one in the list with all the latest equipment over there. It is showing all the latest movies starting from action movies, kids series, comedy movies to romantic movies. You can also do online reservation in case you fear last moment cancelations. Another thing to mention is it has a dine inn restaurant as well which means a complete entertainment for your family.

Located in Bahria Town, Cine Gold cinema has reclining seating, which attracts people a lot. Image and movie quality is awesome along with a decent hassle free car parking available for its viewers.

Its Gold restaurant offers quality exotic food with the best ambiance.

Digital 3D CineStar Cinema is another first class cinema with IMAX theatre as well. Sozo world cinema operating in the most popular Fortress stadium, has a huge silver screen. Its digital sound system makes it unique among others. It provides you with extra luxury by providing special imported seats.

Located in the heart of the city, Vogue Tower Gulberg,  Super Cinema has three more branches. Food, entertainment and enjoyment come side by side if you plan to go to a super cinema.

When we talk about shopping and fun then Universal Cinema comes along. Located in the world-class Emporium Mall has definitely top class movie theatre. Being one of the latest cinemas built in Lahore it provides the best digital sound system, picture quality, and comfortable seating. While watching a movie you can complement your entertainment with snacks that are available for you.

Play Lands

If you talk about kids nothing can satisfy their desire other than going to the play land. Since we want to make our kids happy by taking them to play lands, it is also very important that we go to a place with cleanliness and hygiene and after COVID proper sanitization. There are so many play areas in Lahore but Lahore Commercial Companies Index will be following those which will follow proper sanitization and hygiene.

Wonderworld Lahore:

Starting with one of the best play areas, located in Gulberg III, centre of the city providing fun-filled activities to kids with all age groups. It has a designated toddlers area with soft toys and small slides that is supervised by their staff. Trampoline, jumping holes, and big daring slides have been added for the kids who love swings. Moving on to video games they have a complete range for all kids who love playing video games. Per child ticket is for two hours so it means you can have a coffee while your kid is enjoying it for straight two hours. Their party rooms are decorated with superheroes and princess themes, where you can host your birthday party with your favourite food items.

Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort:

In hot summers where everyone is fed up with this routine, this golf and aqua resort gives entertainment to everyone. Here you can also enjoy with your kids. If you have a passion for golf it gives you lush green grounds with a number of holes available for you. The signature hole allows you to enjoy the beauty of its lake as well. After playing you can relax in the Clubhouse. If you are a big fan of either swimming or snooker, you can go for that along with a board room where you can host your meetings as well. Tot Lot is an indoor playing area for your toddler with adult supervision. Moving on to its aqua resort there is a whole new world for you. The artificially created beach has above 12 meter high waves, with 8 alternative wave patterns. If you want to enjoy a high free-fall slide, rafting slide, zip coaster, multi surfing with kids aqua and splash zones then this oasis is the best place for you.

Other playlands in Lahore include ZF Playland, Superspace, Sindbad, Saybcity Playland, Fun factory, Fortress Square Playland, Doraemon Land, and Big fun Play land.

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Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun, or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.




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