Lahore is a city of culture, art, and literature. UNESCO recently bestowed the title ‘City of Literature’ on Lahore.

With the vibrant and bustling food scene of Lahore, it is fast becoming the food capital of Pakistan. Young and old, boys and girls, rich and middle class, food lovers and fun lovers, all Lahoris are interested in hanging out with friends and family.

Lahoris are taking the love of food to next level. We Lahoris, like not only the Karrahis, Biryanis, burgers, shashliks, kinds of pasta, pizzas, shawarmas, we now equally like to munch on light nibbles with a cup of nice tea or coffee.

With a warm cup of tea/coffee in hand, we love to discuss our plans with friends or what amazingly funny things happened at work, maybe even reminiscent of the times we friends enjoyed together. With these recent trends of cafes in Lahore, people get more and more options to cherish the love of chai/tea and coffee.

With so many new cafes opening every week, each time a hangout plan is in the making Lahoris like to stay up-to-date about which new and good cafes have opened since the last time they visited. What better place other than LCCI (Pakistan) to look for top cafes in Lahore. We have a list of cafes by area so you can search for cafes where you want to hang out.

Some nice cafes that Lahoris like to go to are:

Cooco’s Den & Cafe: Cooco’s cafe has been around for about 2 decades now, but it never lost its charm. Its ambiance is the best. No other cafe in Lahore enjoys a similar ambiance. Chai/tea and food to go with it are amazing. No matter how many times you go there, you would love it.

Redolence Cafe: Redolence is one of the finest bakery and cafes with amazing customized cakes that you will not get anywhere else in Lahore.

Cafe Solasta: Solasta is one of the finest and is located in the center of the city (Gulberg). The menu has some nice options for people with different tastes to choose from.

Fast Food

Fast food joints started opening in Pakistan more than two decades ago, in September 1998 to be exact. The first restaurant of McDonald’s opened in Lahore and there is a reason they chose to launch their first restaurant in Lahore. Lahoris made it a success on day one.

Soon after came the KFC, Pizza Hut fast-food chains, and many other international fast-food chains. All successful in Lahore, because people love to eat delicious food, no matter what the genre is.

Food always comes first whenever we talk about leisure and celebration. Especially when people want to have limited get-together and meet-ups, they usually go to a fancy place to celebrate their joys.

The Lahore Commercial Companies Index gives you a detailed overview of fast food places. Therefore, you not only come to know the top fast-food restaurants in Lahore but also get their contact numbers along with the directions. In case, if you want to make some reservations you can easily do that.

Below is the list of fast-food restaurants in Lahore.

Howdy Restaurant Lahore

Howdy is among the top fast-food restaurants in Lahore. It serves outclass juicy burgers along with add-ons. It has five branches in Lahore to serve quality food to its customers. It also serves you with spicy grilled chicken, juicy steaks, wraps, sandwiches, wings, fries with so many options, different appetizers, and desserts. When it comes to drinks, it offers hot and cold beverages along with different flavor ice cream shakes. Last but not the least, they also offer kids meals as well.

Bistro 201 Restaurant

Bistro is on the rooftop of a beautifully designed building and on the coolest place, a restaurant can be on mall road. It gives you the best place to sit with awesome views of old Lahore city. Food is delicious and they have a wide variety of menu options.

BYOB: BYOB is one of the finest burger joints that Lahore has. It introduced the idea of ‘building your own burger’ (BYOB) for the first time in Lahore (perhaps in the whole of Pakistan). Burger patties of all options on the menu are so juicy, with fresh salad inside the buns and ice-cold drinks to go with it. Yummy!


When it comes to Lahore & Lahoris, restaurants are the hub of social and even cultural activity. Restaurants attract tourism (trust me), people remember the experience after having eaten once at Cooco’s Den, at Polo Lounge, bustling with activity, food street, and XYZ restaurant. People have so much exposure that they even demand different cuisines. Therefore, to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers the number of restaurants is also increasing. We, Lahore Commercial Companies Index, give you a detailed listing of top restaurants in Lahore.

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine got very famous in the early twentieth century, where some renowned Chinese restaurants opened their branches in Lahore. Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant stand at the top serving its customers for two decades with its original taste and ingredients. Then we can safely suggest other top restaurants like ChinaTown. Red Lotus Chinese Restaurant and Taipan Chinese Restaurant also serve top-quality food. You will never be disappointed once you have been to any of these places.

Fast Food Restaurants:

The new generation is born with the taste of burgers, shawarma, pizzas, sandwiches, donuts, etc. As a result, there are hundreds of restaurants providing fast food, but we have lined up the best ones for you. Starting from Grill n Bake Lahore, Options restaurant, X2 restaurant DHA, Kings & Queens Pizza Parlor, Mandarian Kitchen to Howdy restaurant, wherever you go, you will never be disappointed with what they have.

Traditional Desi Cuisine:

No matter where we go, how trendy we are, our desi cuisine is always popular among us. Shezan Regale Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants that have made its place among customers by providing quality food. Dera restaurant, Banera Rooftop Restaurant, Kababjees, Khan Baba Restaurant, Lahore Chatkhara Restaurant, Gourmet Grill Restaurant, Dumpukht Kada Restaurant, Namak Restaurant, and Shahi Baithak Restaurant are also the best places for food with an awesome ambiance.

Italian Restaurants:

Whenever we talk about pasta, noodles, pizza, Lasagna, Risotto, and coffee, we want a special place where we can get it served with the best quality food. Tuscany courtyard, Mandarin Kitchen, Nando’s restaurant, Rina’s Kitchenette is some of the restaurants that give you the best quality food and are famous for their ambiance.

Tea Bars

Chai, Tea, Chai Tea, Chai Latte, Love, delight, joy, they all mean the same to us. Tea Bars or Chai Cafes trend was set in Lahore about 4-5 years ago and Lahoris welcomed it right away.

Why wouldn’t they welcome tea bars? After all, it combines Lahoris’ love to go out, eat nice food, and take nice tea.

Ever since this trend gained popularity, we have seen some top hi-tea bars in Lahore become chai cafes. The drinks section of the menu used to have one hot drink only, tea. Now we see at least 4, at times 7-8 different varieties of tea in the menu of cafes. A long list of hi-tea restaurants is now focusing on making their tea likable. You want to find out which list of hi-tea and tea bars are good to hang out, hop on to our LCCI portal, and visit the tea bars page. We have some nice cafes listed on our portals.

The good thing about tea bars in Lahore is that there is one for every type of customer.

If you like to enjoy the ambiance, for cakes/pastries lovers and for the ones that enjoy just tea, good tea, you will find something for you. If you want to enjoy some awesome parathas with endearing tea, MozangYou would find dhabas that are easy on your pocket and offer amazing tea and cafes which are expensive but offer the full experience. You choose where you want to hang out based on your mood that day and you will find at least 2-3 tea bars of that category.

Some amazing tea bars that we like in Lahore:

Chai Qawwali: Perfect for friends who want to hang out, play Ludo, listen to some awesome qawwali … and enjoy nice tea. The menu has decent eating options along with such a nice ambiance, music, laughs, and fun. Try them!

Mozang Paratha House: This one is for people who purely want to enjoy the taste and good food and friends will automatically come along. They have the most amazing chai and paratha. We are sure you would love their food.

Chaaye Khana Lahore: Chaaye Khana Lahore is for those who are fine with spending the extra bucks to enjoy nice food, company, and amazing ambiance. It is highly recommended!

Bar BQ Restaurants in Lahore:

Lahore is a famous city, renowned for its food, taste, traditions, and its hospitality. So many people from all over the world come to visit its architectural buildings and historic places. Obviously, exuberant food is much needed at the end of the day. So many traditional places along with the fancy places are there to entertain either yourselves or your guests. Here at Lahore Commercial Companies Index, we will give you a complete list of BBQ restaurants in Lahore. Barbecue has a special place in our food, exclusively cooked outside on low flame at charcoal. Many restaurants are famous for their Bar BQ.

Koyla – The Barbecue: located at one of the busiest roads in Lahore, Egerton Road is the top place to eat out BBQ in the evenings. Located at the rooftop of the famous Hospitality inn Hotel, it serves you the best BBQ available with the best ambiance. You can either choose to sit at a view of landmark buildings of Lahore or you can choose to sit beside the pool and just enjoy your food and relax.

Nadeem Tikka, Zakir Tikka, and Pakhtunkhwa Lamb BBQ located in the center of the city are some of the classic options if you are looking for something traditional. They are famous for their spicy, tender, and juicy char-grilled BBQ. Pakhtunkhwa restaurant gives you traditional lamb roast cooked over the coals with salt, keeping its original taste.

If you want to take your foreign friends to some traditional place with some different taste then you can take them to either Balochi Tikka or Qabail restaurant.

Bar BQ Tonight is one of the oldest bar BQ restaurants in Lahore, with many branches located in different areas so that they can cater to all of its customers. It is the name of taste, quality, and hygiene. It has its branches worldwide. All types of BBQ including malai tikka, reshmi kabab, chicken kabab, mutton ribs, Lahori chops, Gola kabab are all served with mint yogurt and salad with different types of freshly baked naan.

Some other good options for you are Grill n Bake, Fazal Tikka Kabab House, Karachi BBQ Paratha Roll, Karachi Master BBQ, Bhatti Tikka, and Rehman Sajji providing you with soft and tender BBQ for your family.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun, or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.




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Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.