Clothing has always had a major proportion of your spending. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you have your likes and dislikes.

There is a long list of designers and boutiques available in the market. In fact, at the end of every street, there is a clothing shop along with a designer sitting with them and giving customers a stitched outfit. However, it is hard to get good designs and cuts.

Lahore Commercial Companies Index gives you the list of verified designers and boutiques. Their customers have verified these providers for their quality over a long period.

Here is a list of clothing shops that gives you the attire you are interested in.

Eastern wear:

Fashion that developed in the 19th century got so popular that it still consists of a huge market share. Traditional eastern wear looks fabulous on any wedding. Starting from the top brands – we have HSY, PFDC The Boulevard, Nomi Ansari, Cotton & Cotton, Caanchi & Lugari, Rici Melion, Maryum Maria, Ali Xeeshan, Karma, Fahad Hussayn Couture, Deepak Parwani, Suffuse, Samia Ahmed, Maria. B, Amir Adnan, and Nakoosh. All of these have the quality and variety that you would want.

Another very interesting thing if you are living abroad and you have to give your loved one a formal wear or even if you want a wedding dress stitched for yourself, you can place your order on these brands’ websites. They facilitate you to place your order online and make the payment online without hassles.

Children wear:

Whether you have your kids or you want to buy a present for your niece or nephew, you will always be extra cautious about the quality of the fabric. Kids’ skin is very sensitive; you cannot give just about anything to your kid to wear. Here at Lahore Commercial Companies Index, we will give you a detailed list of the best kids’ clothing stores.

Here are some recommendations: Cherryberry, Cocobee, Baby Planet, Yes Mom, Roll Over Kids Company, Minnie Minors, Kapray, Hopscotch, Next, Mothercare, Breakout, and ChenOne, Colors. All of these brands have super fine quality material along with funky designs.

Casual wear:

When we talk about day-to-day wear, our top designer clothing stores in Lahore are Orient, Mohagni, Ahmed Fabrics, Oaks, Generation, Warda, Khaadi, Anaya by Kiran Choudhary, Cynosure, FP Lounge, Satrangi, LimeLight, and Kapray.


Ever had to buy a new shoe? Of course, you would have been through that pain at least a few times unless you are a few months old babies or someone who never shops for oneself (never saw this type of people, did you?).

Well, it is seldom that you fall in love with a shoe at first sight and once that rare event does occur, the shopkeeper would never have the shoe size that fits you…I swear, always!

You think you will go to their website and order… half the time they will send you an email to apologize that they suddenly got out of stock or the legendary delivery person would come with the wrong shoe.


I am telling you; buying footwear that you love, that is comfortable, and the price is right…it just never happens.

Then you have LCCI to take care of your footwear needs too along with so many others. We bring you to the right websites to find your perfect pair of shoes. We have them all here on LCCI, the top shoe store in Lahore. You will find on LCCI the list of footwear shops for all customer segments. People looking to buy joggers/trainers, girls looking for stylish shoes, reasonably priced shoes, expensive luxury shoes, you choose the type and we will guide you to the right online shoe store that will deliver the right shoe to your doorstep.

LCCI has collaborated with local businesses that are providing quality international brands in Pakistan, shoes, and brands that you would not find easily otherwise. Let us talk about a few of those here:

Nike: Whoever likes to buy quality and comfortable shoes, knows that Nike is the best brand producing quality sports shoes for decades. Nike does not have their stores in Lahore (neither in Pakistan) but this business has been importing Nike shoes and making those available at reasonable prices for us Lahoris.

Fayva: When it comes to formal leather shoes, all of us Lahoris know that Fayva is Lahore’s own, very stylish, lightweight, and comfortable product. Fayva has been in the shoe-making business for at least 3 decades, and the company produces genuine leather shoes for us.

Grocery Stores

Are you in your late twenties or older? Chances are that you visit a grocery store at least 2-3 times a week. Does your household have organized chores and a smooth inflow of money to do monthly grocery on set dates and similar lists every month?

No matter what, you would know that choosing your go-to grocery store is extremely important.

Going to the wrong grocery store would mean not getting half the things on your grocery list and having to go to another one. Well, if you love wandering by nature and like going to 2-3 different places to tick off your grocery list, sure go to any store.

However, if you want to make the most of your grocery trip, we suggest you hop on to the LCCI portal and visit the grocery stores page. We have the top grocery stores in Lahore all listed on our portal. We organize our list of supermarkets on LCCI is keeping your (customers’) best interest in mind.

Our team of experts does a detailed analysis of businesses before we add a business to our business directory / online portal. That means we bring to you only the most relevant, with the largest inventory of grocery items or we list the ones that are good for you in a unique way, like organic stores. The idea is that you, our customers, get the maximum benefit of the time you spend on our portal, researching for certain types of businesses.

Let us look at some of the grocery stores we have listed for you.

The Organic Shop: Located ideally in phase 2 DHA, they have an exhaustive collection of organic food (like lentils, chia/sunflower/flax seeds, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts) and skincare/cosmetic products (like eye care, hair care, teeth care, skincare and more).

Al Fatah Store: From groceries, clothes, toys, crockery, cosmetics, eyewear, to electronics, you name the type of product you want to shop and you will find it at Al Fatah. They deal in high-quality products only, at reasonable prices. Besides that, wherever you are in Lahore, you will find an Al Fatah in the 7-8 Km range.

Shopping Malls

If you have lived in Lahore / Pakistan for at least a year anywhere between 2006 until 2021, you would know how entertainment for Lahoris has changed from going to parks to going to shopping malls.

For numerous reasons like security concerns, work pressures, increased incomes in the upper-middle class, the opening of malls in Lahore / Pakistan, people have started liking indoor entertainment. Amongst the types of indoor entertainment, the most popular is to go to shopping malls, roam around in the malls for hours, see the latest fashion trends, perhaps do some shopping, and eat in the food court.

Girls love to get a sneak peek of all brands on sale (discount campaign) under one roof. So many others just do a Facebook check-in while being at the shopping mall. Friends like to meet at the mall, see some brands that they have a common interest in and mostly hang out together. While some might consider it an unwelcomed trend, at least people walk while visiting shopping malls…and who can deny that walking is a healthy activity.

With the trend of shopping malls since the last decade or so, customers are enjoying another benefit, competitions between businesses/brands have grown fiercer and they have to price their products carefully. Customers are the beneficiaries of this competition amongst brands.

Every shopping mall in Lahore is a decent-sized, self-sufficient shopping experience. Whichever one you go to, you will find at least 4-5 stores of any category you are aiming to shop in, be it sportswear, fashion wear, grocery, food options, and so many other shopping categories.

The LCCI business directory/portal has done some research for you all and listed the best shopping malls in Lahore on our website.

Packages Mall: This is a very well designed super-sized shopping mall with hundreds of shops and tens of restaurants for a perfect entertainment cum shopping experience for its customer. It is located right next to DHA phase 3 and conveniently accessible from almost all of Lahore.

Emporium Mall: Emporium mall is another big-sized shopping mall with top-quality stores. Whatever you are shopping for on the day you visit, you will most definitely find your required item here at Emporium. This is located in Johar Town, another very nice community with a large population living in close vicinity.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.

Search & have fun

Search anytime for whatever you need, for your business, fun, or personal needs. LCCI helps you find it easy and fast.




Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.