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Butlers’ biggest claim to fame remains its lavish specialty chocolates with milk, dark and white. These come in flavors such as fluffy toffee, soft fudge, strong chocolate bars, chocolate truffles with milk flavor, dark and powder puff, hot chocolate, sundaes, and enchanting seasonal collections as well. The café also provides a smooth menu of options for pancakes, soups, salads, tapas, snacks, sandwiches, paninis, pasta, desserts, and thin-crust pizzas. The all-day brunch is a great lazy weekend morning while sitting in the outside side yard, and enjoying some of the oldest and most precious trees in Lahore.

Butlers Chocolates was founded in Ireland in 1932, by Marion Butler. The place opened first in Dublin in 1998 and has since grown to more than 40 countries worldwide including the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Russia and Pakistan. Brought to Pakistan by Karachi’s enterprising Mr. Habib Gheewala, the brand has won over thirty Great Taste Awards, the most respected food and drink award in the world, for its taste and quality.

Ambiance & Setting

Witnessing firsthand how Lahore lined up in droves at the opening night. Boasting a wide variety of menu items and introducing one of the most exotic locations compared to the other cafes. Some people say a little pricey but most of the time it lives up to its value.

As for the name, don’t let it fool you, other than chocolate food products and other assorted sweets, they have plenty to sell. Their ice creams and cakes made of chocolate are too good to be true. You will love how many of their desserts they serve, hot cakes with an ice cream scoop. You wouldn’t help admiring their presentation as the waiter placed the plate before me. Must try their chicken, which is juicy and divine, and then it is just as delicious as their chicken in some pesto pasta. They also sell panini, burgers, tea and appetizers.

Best Tea Beverages In Town

Butlers serves a huge variety of tea beverages in Lahore. Also, butlers Chocolates manufacture smooth toffee, soft fudge, deliciously more chocolate filled and strong chocolate bars. Besides, it offers tempting milk chocolate truffles delicately flavored with popular liqueurs, hot chocolate and enchanting seasonal collections during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter!


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