Main Kasoori Road, Gulberg III


Chai, Kaffee aur Siasat, located on Main Kasoori Street, is a place that blends live sufi music and tea. Here you can also enjoy hot chocolate but the real treat is to take tea sips and enjoy the live show. There is a separate partition known as the ‘baithak’ and is built for meetings, social events or parties for birthdays. It is a place to stay, really. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the prices here are likely to amaze you.

Ambiance & Setting

It provides a rare and enjoyable opportunity to address politics over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or spicy sweet tea flavored with spices. Chai, Kaafee aur Siasat is a tea bar with a difference that houses a ‘authors’ niche’ for the experienced and aspiring writers/poets/journalists of the day to connect and share their knowledge and experience; a ‘speakers’ corner’ that offers guests at the cafe the opportunity to express their (substantial and decent) opinions on serious and comical contemporary issues; a launchpad.

Tea Variety And The Cigar Lounge

The smokers’ refuge “The Cigar Lounge” is nestled in a corner for those who do puff in style. CKS provides what no other café in Lahore does for the early birds, a mix of desi and western breakfast from 7 am to 11:30 am. A romantic yet intellectually stimulating atmosphere in a comfortable modern environment-CKS brings a fusion of humor, fun, serious and casual atmosphere to Lahore for the vibrant youth and the mellowed wise.

So, stay tuned Lahore at the breakfast table over Parathas and steaming Doodh Patti early in the day to engage in some domestic, college, regional and global politics with friends and kinsmen. In the afternoon over a plate of tasty savories and cakes and late at night to relax and inspire your wit to genius in a quiet corner over a heavy and spicy, mild and creamy cup of Chai or Kaafee at CKS where politics is made palatable.

Kaafee aur Siasat (Tea, Coffee and Politics) is the first impression of the newly opened café Chai: What a wonderful place! You sit back and take a cup of their signature Doodh Patti (strong milk tea) served with a special homemade khatai (a traditional biscuit), and catch up with Lahore and Pakistan ‘s spirit. The atmosphere is so intellectually enlivening that just about everything in the café reminds you of everything, from the country’s music icons to the majestic Mughal Architecture and this land ‘s great sufis and poets.


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