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Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry stands out as the first ISO-certified Chamber of Pakistan.

The primary goal of LCCI is to serve its partners to their satisfaction. It is committed to making an active contribution by promoting trade and industry to the economic development of the nation.

LCCI serves as a link between the business community and the administration. Through maintaining constant contact with the relevant authorities, it plays a vital role in policy formulation.


The Division for Membership is one of LCCI’s most relevant divisions. Besides, it is responsible for processing new membership applications, membership renewals, issuance of LCCI member cards, certification of origin, certification of commercial documents, issuance of visa invitation letters, issuance of visa recommendation letters, and coordination in conducting LCCI’s annual election.

Membership Eligibility

  • The membership shall grant application will be proposed and supported by the existing Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry members.
  • The prospective member shall have, where applicable, a valid national tax number and registration of sales tax.
  • The membership shall be automatically reversible subject to the following conditions being met.
  • There is no criminal conviction for the prospective member.
  • Proof of filing an income tax return and sales tax for the most recent preceding assessment year, if applicable.
  • Membership groups The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry will have two levels of membership.

Membership Procedure

  • Thoroughly filled in the Signature / Identity Card
  • Photocopy of the proprietor’s C.N.I.C
  • Photocopy of the Sales-Tax Registration number certificate (if applicable)
  • Filled in the Signature / Identity Card.

Online Membership Application:

LCCI also offers online membership application. To do so, fill in the online form correctly, then download and print in duplicate, sign stamp, follow the procedures mentioned on their website and submit regular payment to the LCCI office.

Membership Benefits to an LCCI Member

  • Offering an opportunity for its members to engage in the events of the Chamber and meet local and international government officials, federal and provincial ministers, ambassadors, and business leaders.
  • LCCI is briefed on matters related to the business sector by the government regularly, creating opportunities for the stakeholders to share their views and concerns.
  • Membership is required to obtain Origin Certificates, WeBOC registrations, and other shipping documents that are only endorsed by the Chamber.
  • The Department of Research and Development offers an extensive business information system and on most issues, there is direct consultation.
  • The department also explains procedures, provides new regulations and in-depth advice on trade and investment.
  • Standing committees are actively monitoring and pursuing issues related to trade, foreign investment regulations, taxation, tourism, infrastructure requirements, etc. Regularly arranged business delegations that provide delegates with opportunities to meet their counterparts in the respective countries.
  • Users provide priority access to the library with a wide range of reference books and the new business directories.
  • Regular notices are circulated in Lahore Chamber News on available business opportunities-desired importers/exporters, tender notices, etc.
  • Members of the chamber are nominated for numerous advisory committees and statutory boards of government where national policies are formulated.
Membership Service Charges


Sr. No Name of Service, Product and Subscription Fee
1- New Membership  Corporate Class (with normal fee) Rs.8000/-
2- New Membership  Associate Class (with normal fee) Rs.3200/-
3- Associate Class (with urgent fee) Rs. 3200 + 800 Rs.4000/-
4- Corporate Class (with urgent fee)  Rs. 8000 + 2500 Rs. 10500/-
5- Renewal of Membership Corporate Class (on or before 31st March) Rs. 5100/-
6- Renewal of Membership Associate Class (on or before 31st March) Rs. 2300/-
7- Renewal of Membership Corporate Class after 31st March Rs.5850/-
8- Renewal of Membership Associate Class Class after 31st March Rs.2600/-
9- Attestation Certificate of Origin (Set of six pages) Rs.400/-
10- Extra Pages Rs.50/-
11- Commercial Documents (set of four pages) Rs.400/-
12- Extra Pages Rs.50/-
13- Visa Recommendation Letters For Asian Countries (Proprietor, Partner, Director) Rs.2,500/-
14- Visa Recommendation Letters For Asian Countries (Employees of Member firms) Rs.6,000/-
15- Visa Recommendation Letters For (Europe, USA, UK, Canada Australia and Africa (Owner)/(Proprietor, Partner, Director) Rs.5,000/-
16- Visa Recommendation Letters For Europe, USA, Australia and Africa (Employees of Member firms) Rs.7,500/-
17- Visa Invitation Letter to foreigners for asian countries Rs.1,000/-
18- Visa Invitation Letter to foreigners for Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Africa Rs.2,000/-
19- Membership ‘ Card ( extra for  partner or director Rs.100/-
20- Membership ‘ Classified Trade Directory Rs.1500/-
21- Membership Duplicate Certificate Charges Rs.200/-
22- New Membership  Application Form Charges Rs.100/-
23- Membership   Classified Trade Directory CD Rs.500/-
24- Business Profile Letter Rs.500/-

One Window Smart Services in LCCI Building



The Passport Office was established at the Lahore Chamber to promote the issuance and renovation of passports to its members. The bureau offers exclusive service to LCCI members and members can apply at LCCl for new passports rather than waiting in long queues and wasting valuable time.

The inclusion of the Passport Support Desk has completed the variety of facilities that our members would like under one roof in the Lahore Chamber. With this initiative, Pakistan has set a unique precedent, which will surely be followed in every big chamber.

In order to save their members time when working with various public offices, and to focus more on their companies they have developed these support desks in the Lahore Chamber.

This kind of ease, in particular when acquiring new passports and renovating old passengers, would give the business community very positive traction, making it feel that the government completely embraces the private sector and is committed to developing the country’s business environment.



The LCCI Export Facility will help improve exports and provide export services. Through not signing the ITA (Information Technology Agreement), the government will protect the interests of the local IT industry.

Pakistan would increase services exports alongside goods exports. 41 per cent of manufacturing raw materials, more than 1600 tariff lines, has been scrapped by the government. The Ministry of Trade develops a three-year tariff rationalization strategy especially the tariffs on raw materials. The curriculum will be finalized and will promote additional benefit in consultation with the chambers and organizations.

The Export Facilitation Center plays an important role in any country’s economic growth. The Ministry of Commerce works also to make it easy for exporters to obtain refunds. The task of the tariff setting is now carried out by the Ministry of Commerce, to which the Federal Revenue Board (FBR) had previously agreed.



The Government of Pakistan’s first agency under the Ministry of Industry & Development. In October 1998, SMEDA was founded to resolve Pakistan’s Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) growth problem.

It is focused on the provision of environmentally sustainable and market growth programs for SMEs through a future-oriented strategy and competent management framework.

SMEDA is not only a SME policy consultative body for Pakistan’s government but also allows other stakeholders to counter their SME growth agendas.

Aims And Objectives Of SMEDA

  • Devise the strategy to foster the country’s small-scale development and advise the government on SME fiscal and currency issues.
  • Small to medium business growth facilitation programs.
  • Empowering the SME legislative bodies/chambers to evolve and improve.
  • Build and maintain the database of a service provider like SME equipment and provider.
  • Perform business studies and research on sector strategies for growth.
  • Promote the funding of SMEs.



The Department of Excise, Taxes & Narcotics Regulation is a government department in Punjab, Pakistan. The Department of Regulation of Excision, Taxation and Narcotic Drugs gathers separate taxes and duties and recommends strategies for mobilizing additional capital.

It offers effective and efficient facilities for raising separate taxes and duties and recommends forms and means for increased utilization of capital in the province. In addition to building taxpayer trust, the development of the culture of taxpayers and the availability of tax paying services to the public are the most critical goals.

Different forms of tax collected by the department include:

  • Luxury House Tax on Houses & Farm Houses
  • Entertainment Duty
  • Property Tax
  • Excise Duty
  • Cotton Fee
  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Professional Tax



The aim of PRA is to achieve and sustain itself at a time when viable production ensures the mobilization of judicious profits. In order to attain this innovative benefit, PRA aims to establish a balanced structure of modern and diligent taxation boards.

PRA is committed to “expertise,” “fairness” and “honesty” principles. In order to maintain the highest possible level of competence for specialists, PRAs are using a very good Human Resource (HR) approach to pool the best available skilled talent from a variety of sources.

Prominent Features:

In addition, PRA is not just the name of an organization; it epitomizes a shifting approach to the horizon of fiscal administration. From its provincial headquarters, PRA began operations.

It is preparing to extend its regional reach in the other divisional offices and major municipalities of the province. There are, however, plenty of well-trained personnel at the divisional level in PRA commissions. In towns with a significant taxpayer population, tax facilitation centres will be built.



In the structure of the Punjab Government Rules of Business, 1974, developed by Provincial Employees, 1965, the Punjab Social Security Institute (PESSI) is an autonomous body under the administrative control of the Labor and Human Recourses Department.

Health benefits are provided under Provincial Social Security Regulations for employees and their dependents. The Punjab Workers Social Protection Ordinance of 1965 allows employers to provide the Punjab Social Security Institution with a 6 percent contribution of their salary (wages up to Rs. 18,000/-).

Medical Benefits

Including extensive medical care in social security hospitals and facilities beyond social security hospitals, other hospitals are given for Punjab Social Security Institution’s (PESSI) employees wherever possible.

If there is no provision of the required facilities within the country, the same shall be handled abroad to meet the health conditions of the individuals covered.



The centre is a successful move to ensure competently, accountable management – provided the issues are recognized, understood and handled efficiently. Yet the public must, first of all, know exactly how the new method operates. The Government must also conduct a comprehensive mass campaign about the facility because only educated voters can decide whether or not their rights are being violated.

This center encourages representatives to notify us about their concerns about every agency of the public sector and deputy employees can take every necessary measure in addressing their problems.



A help center for NTC is also set up under LCCI. Their vision is to set up international trade and related information organisation with preparation, study and engagement in international forums to advance balanced global trade and the national economy.

Its mission is also to enforce trade remedies legislation on Pakistan’s international Treaty commitments and to act as a government think-tank on matters pertaining to the industry’s competitiveness.


  • The Commission also carries out other duties in foreign trade and other matters as it may, for the time being, be delegated by the laws on trade remedies or some other statute.
  • Where the Commission’s recommendations have been approved in full or in part by the Federal Government, it shall annually review the impact of these recommendations and may send further recommendations to the Federal Government in the light of the study.
  • Where appropriate, the Commission shall guide domestic exporters and manufacturers in international trade remedies.
  • In regards to the problems related to trade remedies, WTO covered arrangements and conflicts under other trade agreements, the Commission shall help the Federal Government with the World Trade Organisation’s dispute resolution agency.
  • The Commission can carry out research in such a way that it is necessary to promote the successful application of Trade Remedy Law and tariff rationalization.



“To protect the human rights, ensuring respect for the rule of law, suppressing corrupt practices and to diagnose, redress and rectify any injustices done by a person through maladministration, the Office of Ombudsman Punjab has been established with the primary purposes.”

It authorizes Ombudsman Punjab, but does not include the High Court and courts under the supervision of the High Court and the Provincial Assembly and their secretariat, to lodge grievances against a state, commission or legislative body or other entities created by the provincial government.

Prominent Features:

Ombudsman shall have the same rights to designate and force the appearance of any citizen as those given to a civil court in compliance with the Code of Civil Procedure; to require the creation of documents; to obtain testimony on the assertions; and to set up a committee to interview witnesses.

The Ombudsman is empowered to review any paper, account books or other papers, enforce and sign certain articles and to locate them on any premises.



On the foundation of strong core principles, Lahore Electric Supply Company is building its future. As the energy sector undergoes massive change, their success will come from respect for people, uncompromising dedication to health, reliable customer service, and community support that we share. Also, Lahore Electric Supply Company looks forward to rising in this age of exponential prosperity through public-private collaborations that embody these values. So, Lahore Electric Supply Company will be among the top performers in the country by 2021.

Moreover, their mission is to efficiently, adequately, economically, environmentally responsible and cost-effectively deliver energy.

In the structure of every company, customer support and reviews play a crucial role. LESCO fails to make its clients simpler. Nevertheless, they are reluctant to do so because of a lack of manpower and technological equipment. People face a lot of electricity loss particularly in the summer season. Nevertheless, LESCO Customer Care aims to ensure quality of operation and solve all complaints promptly.

Commitment to Customers

  • Ensure the delivery of the highest quality and efficiency in electricity.
  • Demonstrate integrity in all consumer interactions and ensure the customer needs guide your company decisions.



On April 01, 1924, by the enactment of the Central Revenue Act of the Board of Directors of the Revenue Society (CBR) was established. In 1944, the Ministry of Finance formed a full-length income division.

Following independence, this structure lasted until 31 August 1960, when FBR was made an attached Ministry of Finance department on the suggestion of the Administrative Re-Organization Committee. Additional improvements to strengthen the organisation and its operations were introduced in 1974.

The post of chairman of the FBR was then established with the position of ex-officio Additional secretary of the FBR and ex-officio chairman of the FBR.

Functions of FBR

FBR is a semi-autonomous Pakistani federal body responsible for fiscal law enforcement and tax collection for the Pakistani government.

FBR is responsible for:

  • Economic policy formulation and management.
  • Federal duties, taxes and other levies assessed and collected.
  • Quasi-judicial position in decision-making and appealing taxation cases.

FBR operates mainly across the country through its central collection arms, which include Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) and large taxpayer units (LTUs).

The Inland Revenue & Customs FBR has two main wings. Domestic taxes, including Sales Tax, income tax and federal excise duties, is conducted in the Inland Revenue Services (formerly the Revenue Tax Department). It is the primary component of FBR.

The Pakistan Customs Service administers import duty and other import taxes and controls foreign commerce with respect to government prohibitions and restrictions.

FBR’s powers and duties include, but not limited to, collecting taxes and prosecuting tax-evading: performing investigations and tax assessments, search orders, attachment as well as public auctioning of non-compliant mobile and immovable properties.



In Lahore, the CTO and LCCI jointly opened a Driving License Facilitation Desk. The members of LCCI shall be eligible to qualify for and receive their driving license after the due process. An addition to the LCCI Facilities for its members is the establishment of the desk.

The brightest, cooperating unit in the Department of Transport Police is to provide Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Business representatives the best facility for renewal of their drivers’ licenses, as well as providing advice on traffic policy matters.

LCCI members may apply for and receive a driving license through this desk and will be given a license without any haste after the required processing. This desk is another addition to the members’ LCCI facilities.

Driving License Facilitation Desk At LCCI

The construction of a driving license facilitation desk was sufficient evidence of a public-private relationship and of the Traffic Police department’s dedication to promoting enterprises. The municipal traffic police made every attempt to keep traffic on the move.

The scanning process also increased the accountability, and in this connection, some Rs. 31 million were paid in the national exchequer. The unpaid e-challans treated manually is submitted to Traffic Magistrates automatically.

More than 4.2 million motorcycles were reported in Lahore, and the figure was approximately six million when such motorcycles were added registered in other cities. In Lahore, about five to seven 4-wheelers were commuted and all these roads with minimal capital were managed by the department.

The applicants were required to download this software on their mobile phones and were fixed by joining the CNIC. The date and time of the evaluation and interview will be indicated on their mobile phone. Thus the applicants were not allowed to wait at the centres in question.



Pakistan Tradition and PRAL create WeBOC system, which runs on all Pakistan terminals including the town of Lahore. The web-enrollment in Lahore and across Pakistan offers traders benefiting from various advantages provided by Pakistan’s GOVT in various import and export arrangements.

Without potential compliance and renewal, the process of WeBOC registration is simple in Lahore and around Pakistan. WeBOC is a computerized framework for importing and exporting products.


LCCI and the Federal Revenue Board joint effort will lead to the awareness of a full mechanism of WeBOC e-payment.

Credit cards and from anywhere that is a decent business service, tax obligations will now be issued. He said there is a component known as “paing taxes” that helps to determine a country’s overall ranking in terms of business ease. Pakistan’s tax payment score sank by 16 points to 172, up from 156 last year Pakistan was 172.

Taxes in Pakistan vary from 13 in India from 47 different kinds of taxes. The time spent paying these 47 taxes in Pakistan is 311 hours, compared to 168 hours spent paying the same amount in Sri Lanka.

In order to familiarize the business community with the way this method is used, the Management Board organizes an LCCI functional training workshop to help importers/exporters in use of the WeBOC system and reduce their reliance on clearing agents.


You should search the facilities, records and documentation that are preserved to facilitate the customers. To review the following documents, you do not have to log in:

  • Clearance Data
  • Tariff & SROs
  • Container Information
  • Mobile Device Duty Information
  • Duty Calculator



The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Police Khidmat Markaz is expected to have over 14 facilities, is a ground-breaking measure because now all the facilities can be found at one window.

Improved services to the public are at the core of the police priorities. Their mission is to enhance the mass comfort facilities. It was also an attempt to set up Khidmat Markaz in all districts.

Prominent Features

In the respective districts, Khidmat Markaz effectively offered 13 facilities to residents. However, people were noted that for traffic license renewals and to receive character certificates which caused tremendous annoyance people had to drive to their homes.

Both Khidmat Markaz in Punjab have been merged to tackle these problems and further expand the range of facilities and regional extension. The new paradigm of integrated Khidmat Markaz Framework allows residents to access the facilities available at their doorstep. In the Police Department Khidmat Markaz, citizens may even make their grievances.

Benefits of Punjab Police Facilitation Centre (Khidmat Center)

In 36 districts of Punjab, Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) developed citizen facilitation centres. Punjab Informational Technologies Board (PITB) has streamlined processes and developed an interconnected, unified IT system to enhance overall performance in these centres as Punjab Police technology partners. This Khidmat Marakiz was developed with the centralized IT system:

  • Citizens have assured turnaround time
  • Open process hatching
  • Resident respectful treatment
  • User online monitoring
  • Citizens Reviews & Monitoring Scheme
  • Distribution by courier of released documents
  • Raise in profits by accountability



This procedure has been started in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry itself to mitigate the problems facing LCCI members in the issuance and renewal of arms licenses and addressing a big problem for them.

Procedure for Issuance of Arms License

  • Complete the Form for Weapons Authorization.
  • Join the Identification Card in a duplicate.
  • Receive a proof of filled-in Weapons License Form from the Police Station, DSP and SP involved.
  • Claimant himself, along with the copy of the identification card, should appear before the Deputy Commissioner.
  • The Deputy Commissioner shall order that the Weapons License be issued on the form.
  • For Weapons License Type, it is appropriate to transfer the tickets equal to RS. 2000/-.
  • Submit the Weapons License Division forms in the D.C. office. The claimant will buy the weapon of the weapons dealer and a copy of the license will be given. The post office admission and its extension will be made with a fee per year.

By promoting trade and industry along with issuance and renewal of arms licenses, LCCI aims to represent its members and contribute to the economic development of the nation. LCCI serves as a link between the business community and the administration. Thus, through maintaining constant interaction with the relevant authorities, it plays a vital role in policy formulation.

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Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.

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