Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry stands out as the first ISO-certified Chamber of Pakistan.

The primary goal of LCCI is to serve its partners to their satisfaction. It is committed to making an active contribution by promoting trade and industry to the economic development of the nation.

LCCI serves as a link between the business community and the administration. Through maintaining constant contact with the relevant authorities, it plays a vital role in policy formulation.


Their vision is to be the best chamber in SAARC Countries by increasing business volumes, exports, turnover, and tax revenue contribution.


Their mission is to:

  • Be the best organization for representing the business community and carrying out their activities in the best possible professional way
  • Be a conduit of public lobbying between the business community and regulatory bodies
  • Seek long-term, fair, honest and transparent relationships with members
  • Build the Organization’s excellent reputation and to maintain high professional and ethical standards
  • Conduct business with dignity and aspiring to be a top national chamber


Their core values are:

Shared Responsibility–taking ownership and working as a team through all investors working together.

Respect: The way you want to be handled is to do everything well and function with courtesy and respect.

Innovation: constant creativity in Research, Development, and Services to add value and exceed the expectations of members, stakeholders and staff

Empathy: Hearing and understanding other people’s feelings and ideas.

Consistency: Consistent with the mastering and maintenance of service standards. Also, with the institution’s overall image.


Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) was established in 1923 under the name of the Northern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the businessmen and industrialists of Northern India.

When the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established in 1947, its name was changed to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of West Pakistan. The current name, The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was adopted in 1960.


By promoting trade and industry, LCCI aims to represent its members and contribute to the economic development of the nation. LCCI serves as a link between the business community and the administration. Thus, through maintaining constant interaction with the relevant authorities, it plays a vital role in policy formulation.


LCCI is associated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has two membership categories, Professional and Associate, in general. So, there are more than 22,000 members in this Assembly, and LCCI continues to be Pakistan’s largest assembly.


The Division for Membership is one of LCCI’s most relevant divisions. Besides, it is responsible for processing new membership applications, membership renewals, issuance of LCCI member cards, certification of origin, certification of commercial documents, issuance of visa invitation letters, issuance of visa recommendation letters, and coordination in conducting LCCI’s annual election.

Membership Eligibility

  • The membership shall grant application will be proposed and supported by the existing Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry members.
  • The prospective member shall have, where applicable, a valid national tax number and registration of sales tax.
  • The membership shall be automatically reversible subject to the following conditions being met.
  • There is no criminal conviction for the prospective member.
  • Proof of filing an income tax return and sales tax for the most recent preceding assessment year, if applicable.
  • Membership groups The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry will have two levels of membership.

Membership Procedure

  • Thoroughly filled in the Signature / Identity Card
  • Photocopy of the proprietor’s C.N.I.C
  • Photocopy of the Sales-Tax Registration number certificate (if applicable)
  • Filled in the Signature / Identity Card.

Online Membership Application:

LCCI also offers online membership application. To do so, fill in the online form correctly, then download and print in duplicate, sign stamp, follow the procedures mentioned on their website and submit regular payment to the LCCI office.

Membership Benefits to an LCCI Member

  • Offering an opportunity for its members to engage in the events of the Chamber and meet local and international government officials, federal and provincial ministers, ambassadors, and business leaders.
  • LCCI is briefed on matters related to the business sector by the government regularly, creating opportunities for the stakeholders to share their views and concerns.
  • Membership is required to obtain Origin Certificates, WeBOC registrations, and other shipping documents that are only endorsed by the Chamber.
  • The Department of Research and Development offers an extensive business information system and on most issues, there is direct consultation.
  • The department also explains procedures, provides new regulations and in-depth advice on trade and investment.
  • Standing committees are actively monitoring and pursuing issues related to trade, foreign investment regulations, taxation, tourism, infrastructure requirements, etc. Regularly arranged business delegations that provide delegates with opportunities to meet their counterparts in the respective countries.
  • Users provide priority access to the library with a wide range of reference books and the new business directories.
  • Regular notices are circulated in Lahore Chamber News on available business opportunities-desired importers/exporters, tender notices, etc.
  • Members of the chamber are nominated for numerous advisory committees and statutory boards of government where national policies are formulated.
Membership Service Charges


Sr. No Name of Service, Product and Subscription Fee
1- New Membership  Corporate Class (with normal fee) Rs.8000/-
2- New Membership  Associate Class (with normal fee) Rs.3200/-
3- Associate Class (with urgent fee) Rs. 3200 + 800 Rs.4000/-
4- Corporate Class (with urgent fee)  Rs. 8000 + 2500 Rs. 10500/-
5- Renewal of Membership Corporate Class (on or before 31st March) Rs. 5100/-
6- Renewal of Membership Assoiate Class (on or before 31st March) Rs. 2300/-
7- Renewal of Membership Corporate Class after 31st March Rs.5850/-
8- Renewal of Membership Assoiate Class Class after 31st March Rs.2600/-
9- Attestation Certificate of Origin (Set of six pages) Rs.400/-
10- Extra Pages Rs.50/-
11- Commercial Documents (set of four pages) Rs.400/-
12- Extra Pages Rs.50/-
13- Visa Recommendation Letters For Asian Countries (Proprietor, Partner, Director) Rs.2,500/-
14- Visa Recommendation Letters For Asian Countries (Employees of Member firms) Rs.6,000/-
15- Visa Recommendation Letters For (Europe, USA, UK, Canada Australia and Africa (Owner)/(Proprietor, Partner, Director) Rs.5,000/-
16- Visa Recommendation Letters For Europe, USA, Australia and Africa (Employees of Member firms) Rs.7,500/-
17- Visa Invitation Letter to foreigners for asian countries Rs.1,000/-
18- Visa Invitation Letter to foreigners for Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Africa Rs.2,000/-
19- Membership ‘ Card ( extra for  partner or director Rs.100/-
20- Membership ‘ Classified Trade Directory Rs.1500/-
21- Membership Duplicate Certificate Charges Rs.200/-
22- New Membership  Application Form Charges Rs.100/-
23- Membership   Classified Trade Directory CD Rs.500/-
24- Business Profile Letter Rs.500/-


The 30 members of the Executive Committee elected by the members, one-third of whom retire each year, determine the policies and programs of the organization and new members are inducted by election in their place. Every year, the executive committee members elect the office-bearers. The President controls the work of the office and staff and, with the help of the Senior Vice-President and Vice-President, directs all matters of the Chamber.


Information Department

Its main goal is to publish publications on behalf of the LCCI, keeping its members informed about LCCI activities through the “Lahore Chamber News” posted to all members twice a month (for the night). The Department also publishes its members ‘ Annual Report, Member List and a Classified Directory. At the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Information Department also issues press releases of daily activities. Specific medicines are also prescribed for essential functions.

On May 15, 2007, the Information Department organized as many as 16 special supplements in all the leading newspapers on the occasion of the LCCI Achievement Awards, which is itself a record.

There is also a production house in the Information Department. The Production House prepares DVs of all the LCCI events and then sends them to all TV channels so that they can broadcast the news in the daily news coverage.

Research & Development Department

LCCI’s Department of Research and Development was founded in 1985 as the focal point for various chamber activities. It was developed in response to an increasing need from the region’s business community for up-to-date business and economic data, filtering the same to encourage members, and collaborating on macro and micro business and economic policies with the government.

Today, the Department has an excellent reputation in the country as one of the leading research and analysis centers on domestic and international business and economic issues. Moreover, it is regularly consulted on important issues of national and international policy by government and international agencies. In almost every field, it is engaged for extensive research to advise and evaluate different national and international policies impacting companies, trade, and industry.


Women Entrepreneur

Throughout business activities, women are gradually making their presence felt. The Chamber has set up a separate Standing Committee where female entrepreneurs can meet and discuss relevant issues. Also, the Ministry serves as the secretariat for these operations and works to promote their business activities with the appropriate government agencies and departments.

This Standing Committee’s main objective is to establish and promote the country’s female entrepreneurs.

The Standing Committee performs the following function:

  • Solve the problems faced by women when running their companies, such as securing bank loans, maintaining relations with different departments of government. It educates women entrepreneurs on national and international marketing techniques and strategies.
  • The Committee further formulates a plan for the national budget with the goal of increasing the participation of female businessmen in national economic activities.
  • Organizes seminars, conferences and presentations on business orientation to mentor old and new female entrepreneurs and increase knowledge of value. It also conducts workshops on how to launch new businesses and how to sell their goods to other countries.
  • Organizes local exhibitions of women entrepreneurs ‘ manufactured products. These exhibitions are a great source of encouragement for women entrepreneurs and also provide a platform for their products to be introduced and promoted.
  • Coordinates and encourages trips abroad by trade delegations of female entrepreneurs (LCCI members).

LCCI Internet Library

The LCCI library is an automated library and has established its reputation as a center of excellence that provides authentic and complete trade & industry information. It has a collection of more than 9,000 volumes of books that cover every area of industry and economy. The library is packed with state-of-the-art computers and Internet access. Also, the library is run by professional and dedicated staff who are always willing to serve the community. Moreover, the library is a strictly reference library where only books can be consulted or the required material photocopied.

Internet Facility:

Free internet search facilities are available for visitors in the library premises.

CD-ROM copies.

Members can also get on CD-ROM copies of different Trade Directories. There is a list of CDs in the Library.

Reference Collection:(REF):

The Library’s massive collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, yearbooks, atlases, official institutions’ annual reports, economic surveys, gazette notifications, etc.

Government Documents:

The library collected government documents such as annual and five-year budgets, budget, census reports, agriculture data, financial analysis, trade figures, import-export regulations, custom duties, and other government agencies’ publications on a regular basis. The GD classification is granted to documents in this series.

Research Material:

The library collects research papers, studies and reports from various national and international organizations such as EIP, PIDE, IMF, ILO, WTO, WORLD BANK, COMMONWEALTH, APO, OECD, AIM, SIDA, CBI, JETRO, ASEAN, TDAP, ADBP, FAO, IAFD, ADB, ISO, PCSIR, UNCTAD, ITC, UNIDO, BOI, FES, IFAD, Pre-Feasibility Studies, Pre-Investment Studies to meet the very intensive research needs of its users.

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