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Renowned for the great naans, Maro Tandoor is able to make the great chai to go with uniquely made naans like Nutella, pizza etc. This is a relatively difficult feat to achieve, considering how many restaurants this pattern is repeated. But Maro Tandoor is among the first, and could contend with the best of the rest.

An initiative started by four students from the University of Management Sciences in Lahore, MARO Tandoors is revolutionizing Pakistan’s tandoor culture one step at a time. In a friendly and vibrant environment, you get to taste the most tantalizingly delicious rotis and naans.

A hygienic tea bar in Lahore

MARO Tandoors is a startup from The Foundation’s first batch at the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and comprises four highly enthusiastic and talented LUMS students; Ali Ahmed, Saifullah Minhas, Zainulabedin Hassan and Zaeem Shahid. The place serves karak chai in a hygienic environment.

MARO Tandoors, in a nutshell, is not your typical Roti and Naan shop, as it boldly strives to redefine traditional conceptions of food as we know it. With an avant-garde menu that unabashedly turns the humble Naan into a full-fledged hero, MARO blends creativity with taste, quality and value for money without effort.

Other Specialties

With its collection of extremely inexpensive and innovative food products, like the Pizza Naan, Cheese Naan and Qeema Naan, MARO is ready to tempt your taste buds even more. It’s no wonder that this centrally located Tandoor has drawn people from every corner of Lahore to observe and be part of this Naan revolution, thrilling the palate as well as the imagination.

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