State Life Insurance

Pakistan’s State Life Insurance Company is headed by a chairman and aided by the Federal Government’s designated executive directors. The Company was managed by the Board of Directors formed under the 1972 Order of Life Insurance (Nationalization) until July 2000. In July 2000, the Federal Government, under the Insurance Ordinance 2000, reconstituted the State Life Board of Directors which runs this Corporation’s affair.

The basic structure of the company consists of seven regional offices, thirty-three zonal offices, a few sub-zonal offices, 192 sector offices and a country-wide network of 1106 regional offices for individual life insurance. Four zonal offices and six sector offices of 20 community & pension sector heads are engaged in the promotion of life insurance policies and products offered by the corporation. The Zonal offices manage sales and marketing solely, underwriting of life insurance policies and the services provided by the policyholder. Regional offices, each led by a district manager, manage the business activities of the regions within which they reside. Karachi-based principal office is responsible for business operations such as finance, real estate, actuarial, abroad, etc.


Their mission is to be the country’s leading insurer by extending insurance benefits to all sections of society, and meeting the obligations of policyholders and community.


Their objective is to:

  • Run life insurance business effectively.
  • Provide policyholders with more reliable support.
  • Maximize policyholder’s gains by economizing on costs and increasing fund yields.
  • Make life insurance a more effective way to get national savings mobilized.
  • Widen the field of life insurance service to make it available to as large a section of the population as possible, bringing it to the common man in towns and villages from relatively more wealthy areas of the community.
  • Use the policyholders fund for the broader interest of the community.
State Life Endowment Plan


Whole Life Assurance

Those people who look forward to a lump sum needing to be able to choose this plan in the future. Get on for an estimation of your meaningless payment here than this program.

It is undoubtedly the source of advance economic premium. It’s indeed the perfect defensive combination as well as preserving. Whether you die suddenly or have a long life at the age of 85 years the covered amounts along with bonuses is entirely payable according to your requirement. If there is a sudden death in 85 of your period, the premium payment will be ended but the total insured plus attached bonuses will be due.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the 85 year anniversary, you might go for the mature scheme. Sometimes, along with incentives you are eligible to get covered package. With this alternative, you’ve got the higher plans that not only help you to get more security but also allow you to get enough investment dimension.

Remarkably, this plan works for those young people who are new to practical life. The young individuals cannot afford the higher premium payments because they are at the start of their careers. Some people who are anticipating for the need for a lump sum in the future can choose this option as well.

Child Education and Marriage Assurance

Baby Education & Marriage Assurance is a baby future protection insurance plan. It provides the kid with absolute rewards on finishing the scheme. Also, the full amount insured along with the accrued bonuses becomes payable to the policyholder when the term policy is closed.

A full Rs. 240 family income advantage per 1000 insured sum per annum is payable to the child until the end of the policy term. Therefore, future policy costs cancel, and the system remains in place for full insured amounts. It also continues to play a role in the surplus of State Life, and to receive bonuses. When the program period is over, the child gets two ways to either get the money in a lump sum or five equivalent increments. Similarly, continue the program as before by simply switching over the entire plan for another child’s benefits.

You may proceed with the policy without naming another child where Premium Refund is not available.

Get the refund of past bonuses paid until the child’s death, or the policy’s cash value. Whichever is higher you can terminate the contract easily.

Shad Abad Assurance

The sum covered in addition to the incentives added is due after termination of the insurance term. Still, on death through the term of legislation, the death benefit requires the 2x of the amount covered in the deferred rewards business.

For accidental death, on top of insurance, the death benefit is 4x the amount covered. For those who want to have the endowment guarantee to saving cause it is the most acceptable strategy. Rather it is a useful tool for shielding the family from the financial disaster at the covered person’s death.

Jeevan Saathi Assurance

It is a mutual plan which covers both partners ‘ lives (husband & wife). Nevertheless, the fee is due until the special term is lifted, even if you can pay it sooner or until the covered person’s death. Overall this package is full of many perks, but you need to be aware of the qualifying ages first.

After the first life’s death the survivor will get the payout. First premium will be put aside but for the second life insurance cover will continue. Instead, the policy continues to be in the corporate profits. While you’ll have the benefit of having protected amount plus applying rewards at the end of the second life. The policy must finish at the end of the second life too.

Muhafaz Plus Assurance

It is very beneficial for the life insurance Muhafaz plus Assurance to get a sufficient amount of money on maturity as well as sooner to the death. Upon completion, the insured amounts and rewards added to this scheme will be granted to you as the policyholder.

In a particular situation, if the life insured dies just before a term contract is terminated, the required, insured amounts together with the benefits added will reimburse the dependent automatically.

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