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Vision Plus is an optician and eyewear store that was founded in 2004.

It is Pakistan’s one of the leading optical empire that has its branches all over Lahore.

The company shares an optical experience of almost 20 years with head office store at Main Market, the heart of Lahore. Vision Plus provides the leading branded optical products of the world. They deal in Frames, Sunglasses, and eyesight glasses.

Vision Plus has grown into a popular market leader in the optical industry. Vision Plus was built on the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them:

  • To provide people all over Lahore with the most affordable eyeglasses.
  • To provide consumers with the highest quality optical lenses.
  • To make the eyeglasses easy to order.
  • Providing outstanding customer service.

Products Offered:

Sunglasses, optical lenses, optician services (optometrist), optical frames


Premium Quality Eye Care

To guarantee that your eyes receive the best possible attention, optometrists and dispensing optometrists are trained to the highest standards. Vision Plus has the most up-to-date facilities available to give you a clinical experience of the highest standard.

Superb Designer Frame Collections

Walk in the store and you’ll see a range of brand frames and sunglasses-the brands include-Ray Ban, Prada, Adidas, Ted Baker, Converse, Hackett just to name a few.

Passionate Expert Team

The staff are on hands to assist you with all your eye care needs. They are always here to help if you have any queries-feel free to contact them whenever you wish.

Independent Always

When it concerns your eyes, you should always be told about what is right, NOT about what the company’s head wishes you to do! Unlike the main chain-store opticians as independent practitioners, Vision Plus is not tied to any supplier. Therefore they will always provide the patients with the right frame, glasses or other items expressly for their individual needs and desires.

Expert Craftsmanship

Creating stunning glasses is an art that is mastered by few. At Vision Plus, when it comes to how your glasses and sunglasses look, they pay extreme attention to detail. Only the best technicians of glasses are used to make glasses for the patient ensuring a superb finish every time.

Vision Plus offers both classic frames and ultra-trendy styles catering to the consumer of fashion forwards. They show you the latest patterns of today, without the price tags of the manufacturer. Because of cost-reduction measures, buying Vision Plus prescription eyeglasses would save you an average of 70 per cent of what you’d spend at typical optical shops.


  • The strength lies in consistency and affordability. The Vision Plus frames and lenses are sourced from the best manufacturers, so that they can assure you of their quality and durability.
  • The lenses are specifically designed and are made to withstand various tests before being made available to the consumers.
  • In no way are the goods less than any other high street retailer except one. Buying their eyewear, frames and lenses will not make a hole in your pocket. They are very affordable.
  • There are always the highly trained professionals and technical experts to help you choose the best eyewear for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
  • The store has over hundreds of eyeglasses. Whether you want to pick one via gender, design, frame width, content, type of lens, Vision Plus has the choices.
  • If for a particular occasion you want to have an eyewear, the sales support can help you by giving you the right choices.


The premium quality which is usually priced at the nearest optician from 4000 PKR to 10000 PKR is a scratch resistant coating. But it’s very inexpensive on Vision Plus. The multi-hard scratch resistant coating is very durable when applied on both sides of the glass. This coating is outstanding in reducing all the minor scratches usually found in regular treatment, which will prolong the glass life.

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Basic Anti-Glare
  • Smudge Proof
  • Easy to Clean

In fact, Vision Plus sells premium anti-reflective coating sold at competitive rates. This provides much better reduction in haze and longevity.

The premium anti-reflective coating is ideal for night driving and computer use. This premium coating upturns the amount of light that reaches your eyes, always providing you with the brightest, sharpest vision. Then your friends and family will see your eyes through your glass lenses, rather than staring at distracting mirror.


You’ll also be having some FREE accessories with your new prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. In most cases that contains the package and supplier paperwork, plus a rough eyeglass cover and a microfiber cleaning towel from Vision Plus. Vision Plus includes this microfiber cloth to help ensure your glasses stay as clean as you received them the first day.

With all these enhancements, advantages and cost savings, Vision Plus is sure you will be extremely satisfied with your prescription eyeglass purchases, or promised your money back.

Vision Plus will help you pick the right eyeglass frames. They offer a wide array of eye care services that cater to various needs. You can call them at to request an appointment. They provide eye care to residents of Lahore.

Our Outlets in Lahore

Town Ship:

55-1 B/1, Peco Road, Beside Shaukat Khanam Lab,

Near Honda More, Townhip, Lahore.



16-B Sheraz Plaza, Shop# 6 & 7,

Main Market Gulberg-II, Lahore.

Ph:+92-42-35753712, 35753690

Allama Iqbal Town:

Ground Floor, Javid Centre, Moon Market,

Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore



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Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 LCCI  All Rights Reserved.

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