Nadra Has Launched Next-Generation Pak ID Mobile App

June 5, 2023Zayn0

The next-generation Pak ID Mobile App, which provides identity services to citizens from the convenience of their mobile devices, has been launched recently by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in March 2023.

Using this software, people may now process applications for their identity cards and other documents. They can receive their ID documents at their door after completing the complete application procedure using this app from the comfort of their home.

People can now apply for their identification documents, including CNIC and family registration certificates, without going to the Nadra offices, avoiding long lines and waiting times. This is possible thanks to the Pak ID mobile app.

Amazing Features of the PAK ID Mobile App

The latest version of Pak ID Mobile has a built-in document recognition system and contactless biometric verification. These features enable users to enjoy a holistic experience through a full range of ID issuance services, including uploading and submitting documents, taking photos and fingerprints, and adding digital signatures using smartphones.

The new software enables smartphone-based document uploading and submission, photo and fingerprint capture, and digital signature addition.

How to Apply for Your CNIC Via the App

Follow these simple instructions to apply for your CNIC online and have it delivered right to your door:

  • Go to the PlayStore to get the Pak Identity mobile app for your device.
  • Create a new case to start the online application process.
  • Fill out the panel according to the instructions.
  • Upload the necessary paperwork, including pictures and other supporting documents.
  • Finish the process by signing electronically and allowing the app to scan your fingerprints.
  • Make the online payment and select a delivery option to have your CNIC delivered right to your door.

Pakistan becomes a forerunner in the ID Management Industry by introducing a mobile app that takes biometrics—fingerprints, facial recognition, and scan documents—needed for processing citizens’ “ID cards and documents”.

The digital dividends of such technology innovation would yield positive results in financial inclusion. However, e-KYC and remote identification are offered to make doing business easier.

Additionally, it supports many functionalities including:

  • Acquisition of fingerprints using a mobile camera.
  • With a list of all programs, and a user-based mailbox.
  • Biometric login for accounts.
  • Using the touchscreen of the phone, digital signatures are captured.
  • Verification that was attested using OTP.
  • Uploading of documents via the upload option or the cellphone camera.
  • Taking pictures with the phone camera using the ICAO standard.

Moreover, this project is anticipated to give organizations with brand-new opportunities by enabling them to quickly onboard customers and offer password-less authentication.

By installing it from the Google Play Store for Android users, citizens can take advantage of the chance. Apple users can also access it through Apple Store (iOS) at the same time.

Pakistani citizens can use this app by requesting the following forms of identification:

  • Modification of CNIC
  • Reprint/Lost of CNIC
  • Renewal of CNIC
  • New NICOP
  • Modification of NICOP
  • Renewal of NICOP
  • Lost/Reprint of NICOP

The app is created utilizing contactless technology, which completely digitizes the process of obtaining ID documents by using a smartphone. NADRA sincerely appreciates any insightful comments provided by citizens via the in-app survey.


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