Now You Can Have WiFi-Assisted Direct Calls to Any Network with JazzFI

August 10, 2023Zayn0

For the first time in the history of telecom sector in Pakistan, Jazz has introduced WiFi-assisted direct calls to any network with JazzFI.

One of the leading telecom companies in Pakistan, Jazz, has unveiled JazzFi, a cutting-edge service that allows users to call any network or landline directly using only WiFi.

The introduction of JazzFi is a key step in Jazz’s commitment to digital transformation and empowering society. Users can now enjoy the advantages of this cutting-edge service, including high-definition voice calls and the capacity to place calls even in areas with patchy coverage of conventional cellular networks.

Prominent Features

The fact that there are no additional fees for this service is its best feature. Jazz won’t add any additional fees for placing calls through VoWiFi. Customers who have purchased a specific bundle will use the resources that are at their disposal. Customers who do not have a bundle subscription will be billed at the standard base cost per minute of use. To activate this service, all you need is a

  • VoLTE-capable phone with the Vo-WiFi function turned on in the phone’s settings.
  • 4G/LTE SIM
  • Enough credit (airtime load) or a valid voice and SMS bundle subscription

JazzFi will transform how individuals converse with one another. It will become simpler and more readily available for everyone. JazzFi, according to the business, will allow users to stay connected and take advantage of continuous audio and video communications.

It is worthwhile to mention a few significant points. Let’s get going! This raises the question of whether or not this service will be standard on all handsets. The VoWiFi/WiFi Calling feature will be accessible in the settings of your current VoLTE-enabled handset and may be easily activated by toggling a switch, according to the telecom operator.

Today, WiFi Calling testing for Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, and Digit phones is successful. Customers with both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans will be able to use the service provided their mobile devices meet the required technical requirements and have an active, legitimate Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of Direct Calls with WiFi

Saving Money

WiFi-enabled direct calls avoid using conventional cellular networks, which can be expensive, particularly for long-distance or international calls. Users can enjoy more cheap communication alternatives and drastically lower phone costs with JazzFi.

Exceptional Convenience

Users of JazzFi have the flexibility to make calls from any location with an internet connection. As long as you have access to WiFi, you may make direct calls to any network without any hassles, no matter where you are—at home, at work, or even when traveling overseas.

JazzFi Calling

Common complaints about traditional voice services include poor call quality and frequent call dropouts. JazzFi uses WiFi networks to address these problems, resulting in better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and an overall better communication experience.

Final Word

Jazz is transforming communication with JazzFi, making it simpler and more accessible for everyone. JazzFi, the innovative WiFi-enabled calling service from Jazz, lets you stay connected and take advantage of continuous voice and video calls.

Users should anticipate more competition, innovation, and better services as JazzFi upends the telecom sector. If you frequently travel, work from home, or make international calls, JazzFi offers a dependable and cost-effective way to stay connected. So, start using JazzFi right away to enter a new era of seamless communication.



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