Pakistan Has Launched Its Very First WhatsApp Like Community App

August 12, 2023Zayn0

Beep Pakistan, the nation’s first communication app, on a 30-day trial, has been launched recently. Beep Pakistan connects 41 federal ministries and agencies and is accessible to government workers. It will soon be available to the general public as well. It is a significant milestone for Pakistan’s IT sector.

In the initial stage, the app will be used for internal communication between the National Information Technology Board and the Ministry of IT and Communication.

All government agencies will be able to use the app in the second phase. The software will be made widely available throughout Pakistan in the third phase.

Beep Pakistan App: An Overview

The app is designed to take the place of WhatsApp and other social networking sites. In addition to video conferencing and audio and video calling, it will be utilized for secure communication between government personnel. Users will be able to transfer confidential documents from the government safely.

The application is intended to act as a substitute for WhatsApp and other social media platforms. It has capabilities including audio and video calling, video conferencing, and will be used for secure communication amongst government officials. Users will be able to securely transfer private papers from the government.

The government asserts that the application is safer than the alternatives because its server is situated in Pakistan. This application’s source code will likewise be hosted in Pakistan. By investing Rs. 79 billion in 83 new projects, the connectivity of the app has been made possible.

Prominent Features

  • Communication That Is Secure

The protection of sensitive information’s privacy and security is one of the government’s top priorities. By offering a secure communication platform, Beep Pakistan allays this worry and lowers the possibilities of leaks and unwanted access.

  • Audio And Video Calling

In a time when online meetings are increasingly common, Beep Pakistan provides smooth audio and video calling capabilities. Through high-quality audio and video communications, government employees can communicate with their coworkers, supervisors, and subordinates.

  • Transfer of Secure Documents

It has never been simpler to transfer confidential government documents. Users can transmit important information without jeopardizing anonymity thanks to Beep Pakistan, which guarantees safe file transfers.

  • Video Conferencing

The built-in video conferencing capability of Beep Pakistan advances communication. This makes it possible for several people to join online meetings, encouraging cooperation and knowledge sharing.

The Most Secure Way of Connecting with People

The IT Minister claims that the implementation of this scheme will eliminate audio and video leaks. He also said that three new incubation centers have been established over the preceding four years.

Pakistan already has 33 enterprises that make smartphones. Some of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world are located in Pakistan. In 2020, IT exports barely reached $1 billion. IT exports currently total more than $2.6 billion. To $15 billion, we want to grow IT exports.

Significant accomplishments including the Data Protection Bill and the Cyber Security Policy have also been made.

Henceforth, as time goes on, its functions would be improved even further just like China’s WeChat and highlighted all of its features, which go beyond simple chatting.


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