Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules: Things You Didn’t Know

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Qurbani, the act of sacrificing an animal during Eid al-Adha, holds significant religious and cultural importance for Muslims worldwide.

The distribution of Qurbani meat is an integral part of this tradition, ensuring that the sacrificial meat reaches those in need. To maintain fairness and uphold ethical principles, specific rules and guidelines govern Qurbani meat distribution.

In this detailed blog, we will explore the rules and considerations for the equitable distribution of Qurbani meat.

Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules

The Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the historical moment when Prophet Ibrahim was given the order to sacrifice his son Ismail by God in the form of a dream vision.

However, God sent the Angel Jibrail along with a massive ram as the man was about to sacrifice his son. Jibrail told Ibrahim that his dream’s prophecy had come true and gave him the command to offer the ram as a ransom for his son. The Holy Qur’an’s Para 37 makes reference to the tale.

Because the Day of Sacrifice is the culmination of the Hajj or Pilgrimage, the fifth pillar of Islam, Eid al-Adha has unique significance. Only those men and women who are physically and financially capable of performing it once in their lives are required to make this annual pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia.

Clear Intention and Obligations

Qurbani is performed with the intention of fulfilling religious obligations and sharing blessings. It is essential to understand the intention behind Qurbani and perform it solely for the sake of Allah, seeking His pleasure and rewards.

Animal Selection and Slaughter

Qurbani animals must meet certain criteria regarding age, health, and quality. The animals should be in good health, free from any deformities or diseases. Additionally, the sacrifice should be performed according to Islamic guidelines, ensuring a swift and humane slaughter.

Equal Distribution

Equity and fairness should be the guiding principles in Qurbani meat distribution. The meat is typically divided into three equal parts: one for the person performing the Qurbani, one for family and friends, and one for those in need. This ensures that the blessings and benefits of the sacrifice are shared among different segments of society.

Charity and Outreach

One-third of the Qurbani meat is designated for those in need, including the poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized individuals or communities. Distributing the meat to the less fortunate helps foster unity, compassion, and social responsibility within the community.

Local and Global Considerations

The distribution of Qurbani meat can be organized at various levels, including local, national, or international initiatives. Consider supporting local organizations or charities that have established networks and expertise in distributing Qurbani meat to deserving individuals or regions with limited resources.

Hygiene and Food Safety

Maintaining proper hygiene and adhering to food safety regulations is crucial during Qurbani meat distribution. Ensure that the meat is handled, stored, and transported in a sanitary manner to prevent contamination and ensure its suitability for consumption.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency in Qurbani meat distribution builds trust and ensures accountability. Organizations and individuals involved in distribution should provide clear information about their processes, beneficiaries, and any associated costs, demonstrating responsible and accountable practices.

Respect for Cultural Sensitivities

When distributing Qurbani meat in multicultural communities, it is essential to respect cultural sensitivities and dietary preferences. Be mindful of diverse dietary requirements, ensuring that the meat reaches individuals who can consume it in accordance with their cultural or religious beliefs.

Who should perform Qurbani?

According to the Hanafi school, any adult, sane Muslim who upholds the Nisab value is required to do a Qurbani. Therefore, you must do a Qurbani if you are qualified to pay Zakat.

According to the Maliki and Hanbali schools, the person in charge of the household may do the Qurbani on their behalf.

What must I do if I forget to perform Qurbani?

You can make up for missing Qurbani in a previous year by offering an additional animal this time around. You need just figure out how many years you’ve been away to determine how many animals to sacrifice. Muslim Hands is pleased to help with this.

As an alternative, you can make up for missing the Qurbani by giving the underprivileged the market price of one sheep or goat. Muslim Hands is where you may accomplish this.

Who Is Entitled to Qurbani Meat?

Three equal portions of meat from Qurbani cattle should be distributed. Giving it to family, friends, and the needy is appropriate for both Muslims and non-Muslims. When doing Qurbani with a companion, the meat should be divided according to weight rather than estimation.

The meat, fat, and byproducts of the butchered animal are not yours to pay for. The skin may be saved for one’s own use, but if it is sold, the proceeds must be distributed to those who are in need.

Which Animals Are Acceptable for Qurbani?

The qualifying animals should adhere to minimal standards, such as the age of the animal for Qurbani and its condition, which includes:


  • For one person’s Qurbani, there should be enough sheep and goats that are at least one year old.
  • At least two years old cows or buffalo are required (enough for the Qurbani of seven people).
  • Camels must be at least five years old (enough for the Qurbani of seven persons).


Qurbani meat distribution is an essential aspect of the Eid al-Adha tradition, promoting generosity, solidarity, and compassion towards others.

Let us embrace the spirit of Qurbani by distributing the sacrificial meat with sincerity, empathy, and a commitment to serving humanity.


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