The Launch of Virtual Cards for Car Owners by Punjab Excise

January 24, 2024Zayn0

With the launch of a virtual registration card system, the Punjab Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department has presented a groundbreaking development in automobile registration.

The objective of this digital endeavor is to streamline and accelerate the process of vehicle registration, mitigating the difficulties encountered by recently acquired car owners who can incur penalties for postponing the receipt of physical registration cards.

The department recently announced on social media that people who have finished the registration process can now view an online copy of their registration card.

The department announced on social media that residents who have registered their cars but have not yet received their cards can now go to its website to obtain a digital copy. The department declared:

“The owners must click this link and enter their registration and chassis number to receive a virtual card.”

The owners can download and store the card on their mobile devices as soon as they receive it.

“Introducing Punjab’s first e-title document, E-Registration Card,” the department tweeted.

What’s The Catch Here?

The Excise department has taken a wise move in taking this action, as it will help the car owners with a major problem and spare them from paying fines and other legal complications.

The Punjab government is not only now introducing this significant digital change for car owners. The government and traffic police had previously announced that individuals could renew their driver’s licenses digitally and obtain new learner permits online.

In order to prevent legal action, the government also introduced an electronic driving license that citizens can provide to traffic wardens. People can obtain these crucial documents by following these easy steps while lounging in the comfort of their own homes.

For the interest of the populace, the government ought to enact more laws and perform more actions of this nature.

Dahleez App

With the launch of the “Dahleez App” and “E-Registration Card,” Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman took a big stride toward departmental digitization.

The “e-Registration Card” project and the “Dahleez App” were praised for their involvement in resolving long-standing problems inside the department.

For car owners who would otherwise have to pay fines to traffic police for not having a real registration card, the virtual registration card, which can be accessed via the department’s website or application, eases their anxieties.

The “Excise at Your Doorstep” service was first introduced in Lahore, and DG Excise stated that the province as a whole will eventually see its reach extended. To register and transfer cars, officials will come to people’s houses; online banking will make it easier to pay the fees. Hailed as the first e-title document in Pakistan, the e-registration card replaces the antiquated motor registration system and expedites the procedure for automobile owners, constituting a major improvement.

Wrap Up

The Punjab government is not done with its push for digitalization. The province has just started offering a number of online services, such as the ability to renew driver’s licenses and issue new learner permits online.

Furthermore, a system known as “e-driving license” has been put in place, which enables drivers to present their licenses to traffic cops electronically, negating the need for hard copies to be carried around.

People’s convenience and efficiency will be greatly improved by these digital developments in vehicle management and associated services.


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