Top 10 Housing Societies Where Street Crime Ratio Is Very Less

May 21, 2024Zayn0

Lahore has numerous housing societies that provide secure living. These are the top 10 housing societies in Lahore that are renowned for having low crime rates if you’re searching for a quiet neighborhood with less street crime.

Best and Most Secure Housing Societies in Lahore

1.      Defense Housing Authority (DHA)

One of Lahore’s most esteemed and safest housing societies is DHA. With armed guards, CCTV surveillance, and controlled entrance points, it provides round-the-clock security. It is a safe location to live because to the well-planned infrastructure and stringent security measures.

2.      Bahria Town

Bahria Town is well-known for having cutting-edge security systems. A very low rate of street crime is ensured by security guards, surveillance cameras, and gated neighborhoods. It is a well-liked option because of the serene setting and contemporary conveniences.

3.      Model Town

One of Lahore’s most venerable and established housing communities is Model Town. It features broad streets and verdant parks, and it’s well-known for having a robust community security system.

In order to deter street crime, the Model Town Society maintains frequent patrols and takes proactive steps.

4.      Askari Housing Society

Askari Housing Society is well-known for its high level of security and is mostly for military personnel. It keeps an extremely low crime rate thanks to monitored entrances and guards on duty around-the-clock. Families looking for a safe and secure atmosphere will love it here.

5.      Wapda Town

Another safe housing community in Lahore is called Wapda Town. It provides gated entry and routine patrols by security personnel. Because of the community’s excellent organization and security measures, people feel safe and secure.

6.      Gulberg

Well-known for its high level of security, Gulberg is a residential and business district. Low crime rates are maintained in part by the existence of private security firms and active neighborhood watch programs.

It’s an attractive place because of the safe environment and active community life.

7.      EME Society

The Defense Housing Authority’s EME Society provides a safe residential community. It offers its inhabitants a tranquil and secure environment with manned doors, security cameras, and frequent patrols.

8.      Valencia

Valencia is a masterfully designed community with top-notch security measures. A low crime rate is ensured by the gated neighborhood, frequent security inspections, and monitoring equipment. It’s renowned for having a calm, welcoming atmosphere for families.

9.      Garden Town

Another well-established residential neighborhood in Lahore with robust security is called Garden Town. The low crime rate is a result of the community’s proactive commitment to safety, which includes security patrols and neighborhood watches.

10. Lake City

Lake City is a modern gated neighborhood with excellent security. It guarantees a very low rate of street crime with limited access points, competent security personnel, and round-the-clock surveillance.

It’s the perfect spot to reside because of the tranquil surroundings and security.

Final Word

Selecting a secure residence is essential for mental tranquility. These housing societies in Lahore are renowned for their low rates of street violence and for giving their inhabitants safe, quiet spaces.

These neighborhoods provide the protection and security you require, whether you’re moving with your family or just searching for a peaceful location to settle down.


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