Top 5 Shopping Malls to Visit in Lahore

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Lahore is a famous city which is popular due to its historical architecture, food, open-hearted people. It becomes a shopping hub over time due to the opening of shopping malls, which gives the perfect combination of entertainment, shopping, food courts, and more whatever you want. Anarkali, Icchra market, Shah Alam Market, and many more are the various shopping options available, ranging from the inexpensive to the costly.

If you want convenient shopping and search out the shopping malls, there is a list of the top five shopping malls you should visit in Lahore city. In this article, we will discuss these briefly one by one.

Emporium Shopping Mall:

The Emporium shopping mall is present in Johar Town Lahore covers about 1.9-2.7 million square feet that expand over the 110-114 canals. You should visit it if you are a true shopaholic. It has more than 200 international and local stores, which shows the diversity of shopping outlets. It has a spacious food court, Cinema, entertainment for kids, best hotels, banquet hall, hypermarket, and suitable parking lot. Its interior and exterior look gives pleasant and exciting feelings. You must visit this shopping center and get a good experience.

Packages Mall:

In 2017 Packages mall opens its doors for visitors. Its art structure can meet the international standard and best for the shopaholic and family hangouts. It has 200 plus high-quality brands, cinemas, 3-floors, food court, hypermarket, spacious parking spots with coverage of above 2000 vehicles parking. Due to its specification, it attracts tons of people successfully.

Fortress Square:

Fortress square has 100+ stores and everything you want like a food court on the 4th floor, entertainment, spacious parking, and many others facilities. It is open for people in 2014 and has 5-floors. Another feature of it includes a rainbow garden and play area for children, Cinema, and a gaming zone.

Gulberg Galleria:

Gulberg Galleria is present in the center of Gulberg Boulevard with a 3-floor building that is best for visitors having an interest in shopping. It is best for the high-quality and well-reputed footwear and apparel brands. It is excellent and favorable for each age group of people. You will get the fascinating experience of shopping due to its sheer size, which astonishes you.

Mall of Lahore:

Mall of Lahore is famous, spacious, and comfortable that is present on the famous mall road. It covers an area above 55,000 square meters with 70+ local and international outlets. It provides the finest and best quality apparel for each age group, like men, women, and children. People who want to buy groceries can go to the underground grocery store. It the best option for those who want to shop in a comfortable environment. The building is located on the site of Aziz Bhatti and Tufail Roads, having 13 floors and a height of 130 feet.


Lahore is the shopping hub where you have no shortage of shopping malls. So, you have to visit this shopping mall to achieve a luxurious shopping experience.



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