What is ONIC Pakistan? Empowering The Digital Telco Landscape?

July 31, 2023Zayn0

ONIC is a new emerging telco brand in Pakistan. Companies that provide communication services across vast distances, telecommunications companies, or telcos, connect people and businesses around the world.

These businesses are essential in the use of numerous technologies to make phone communication, data transmission, internet access, and other related services possible. And ONIC stands out as being the first digital telco brand in Pakistan.

ONIC is concentrating on Pakistan’s digitally literate population, and by offering specialized services and cutting-edge features, it is likely to appeal to the younger generation.

First Digital Telco Brand in Pakistan

The days of extended waits and nonstop calls are over; ONIC is here to rewrite the rules and give you a world of freedom.

According to this claim, ONIC wants to change how consumers use telecommunications services by providing more comfort, efficiency, and independence.

In the past, young people in Pakistan had access to youth-focused telco brands like Jazz, Glow (by Warid), and Djuice (by Telenor), which catered to their wants and interests.

The ONIC network will function using the current infrastructure for mobile networks, but its packages and other services will be distinct and reasonably priced.

It will first only be available in Karachi and Lahore before being made available throughout Pakistan. The phone number to call will start with 0339.


There is a connection to Circles Life on ONIC’s LinkedIn page for John McEvoy, who is the CEO of a joint venture between Circles and the Etisalat Group in Singapore.

ONIC Pakistan lists Abdurrehman Butt as the Chief Financial Officer and Bilal Sheikh as the General Manager.

Other than a few one-liner promises like “Experience seamless transfers and simple onboarding with a free e-SIM” or “The network is waiting,” ONIC Pakistan’s own social media pages and website don’t offer much information.

If you’re interested, fill out the sign-up form and join the exclusive community. Their website’s privacy statement also withholds any company information.

Services Offered By ONIC Pakistan

The digital telecommunications brand is prepared to provide the following services:

  • Off-net liberty
  • Home delivery
  • Hassle free onboarding
  • Swift assist
  • Fast activation
  • Carried data
  • Sign-on to founder benefits

Because it reads “founder benefits,” which could imply that all members who join up become founders of ONIC, the latter suggests some form of rewards program or perhaps a co-operative.

It’s also intriguing to note that even when the queries on social media are not in English, the information and responses are.

ONIC posts on social media that it offers both physical and eSIM SIM cards and that it would give its users “epic data, unlimited minutes, and endless opportunities.”

They are enthusiastic about offering you the best digital telecom experience ever, is the customary response when someone asks for further information, such as company information or a launch date. If you’re worried about losing out, calm down and join the waitlist to learn how they will do “untelco the telco.”

Visit their website, ONIC.pk, for additional details. You can register to be among the first to use the service.

ONIC’s parent business, Ufone, introduced ONIC as a separate brand. Like Uth, Glow by Warid, and Djuice, it is similar. However, this time Ufone is treating ONIC as a completely independent brand and is not associating their brand name with it.

Those who enrolled earlier receive their SIMs via rider at their homes. Additionally, the ONIC mobile application has been released for beta testers who have a small bundle.

So, in order to commemorate your digital citizenship, join, connect, and create! You will always be independent as a citizen of this virtual state.

Importance of Digital Teleco Brands

The importance of telecommunications firms is underscored by the critical role they play in promoting global connectivity and enabling the digital economy. They promote economic development, education, and innovation by facilitating seamless communication, data interchange, and information access.

Competition and Regulatory Environment

Companies from a variety of industries compete fiercely for market share in the telecommunications sector. To ensure ethical business operations, consumer protection, and the effective use of the communication spectrum, telecommunications firms are further subject to regulatory scrutiny by governmental organizations.

Wrap Up

To connect individuals and businesses globally, telecommunications corporations are essential foundations of contemporary civilization.

The telecoms business is still developing, with new players and cutting-edge technologies constantly influencing how we communicate and stay connected, even though there may not be any precise information accessible regarding a telco company called “ONIC” as of my most recent update.

Hence, we can say that ONIC Pakistan, this new digital network, will compete fiercely with current networks.


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